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731Minister of Expatriates meet Archbishops

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  • Thomas P
    Apr 12, 2005
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      Minister of Expatriates / Archbishops

      Damascus, April 3 (SANA)

      Minister of Expatriates Buthaina Shaaban on Sunday stressed the
      importance of boosting and deepening communications between Syrian
      expatriates and their motherland.

      Shaaban met each of Syriac Orthodox Archbishop in Australia and New
      Zealand Mor Malatious Milki and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop in Germany
      Mor Dionysius Isa Gurbuz.

      She referred to the important role of clergymen abroad in conveying
      reality , true image of Arab community tolerance and in correcting
      wrong concepts on history and culture.

      Archbishop Milki, for his part, hailed tolerance and co-existence in
      Syria among different communities, underlying Syrian expatriates
      support to their motherland in the face of challenges.

      Mazen / Ghousson