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700An Apostolic Bull – Tsunami Relief Fund

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jan 4, 2005
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      By the Grace of God
      Ignatius Zakka I Iwas
      Patriarch of Antioch and All the East
      Supreme of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church


      No. E329/04

      December 28, 2004

      Apostolic Benediction to our beloved spiritual children: the
      Reverend Vicars and the Faithful of all our churches in the Gulf

      We are deeply grieved to know of the great disaster caused in India
      and other nearby countries by the recent earthquakes in the Asia-
      Pacific region. In India alone, thousands have died and many more
      are still missing. The damage to people and property are very
      extensive. Many have become homeless and helpless. We pray for them
      all. May the Almighty God console the bereaved and protect the
      helpless. Christian charity demands that, in this hour of crisis, we
      should all extend all possible help to those who are suffering. We
      understand that our Church in India is raising funds from
      individuals and institutions under the supervision of our beloved
      Brother-in-Christ. His Beatitude Catholicos Mor Baselios Thomas I,
      to contribute to the Government, for and on behalf of our Church as
      a whole, for relief measures. We, therefore, entreat all of you – as
      parishes and as individuals – to contribute according to your
      capability and send the same at the earliest to His Beatitude our
      Catholicos in India.

      We extend our Apostolic Blessings to you. My the grace of God be
      with you.

      Our father ………………………..

      Malankara Jacobite Syriac Orthodox Church Relief Fund A/C details

      Tsunami Relief Fund
      A/C # 705507
      State Bank Of Travancore
      Puthencurizu Branch

      Patriarch Center telephones
      00 91 484 273 2804
      00 91 484 273 2603