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676H.B.Baselius Thomas I given a rousing welcome in Germany

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Oct 27, 2004
      H.B.Baselius Thomas I given a rousing welcome in Germany

      The Catholicose of India of the Syrian Orthodox Church has started
      his Apostolic Visit to the european parishes on 23.10.04.

      He was welcomed at the Apron of the Munich Airport by the Mayor of
      the city of Munich himself and was escorted through the VVIP exit.
      He was driven to the City of Göppingen with ecsort of hundreds of
      cars and police vehicles. There he was accorded a state of hounour
      welcome by the city authorities. Thousands of Syrian Orthodox
      beleivers from the different parishes sorroundings of Göppingen
      attented the Hoy Qurabana clebrated by the Maphrian on 24.10. Today
      the Catholicose is meeting different state authoriites in Berlin.
      There will be a Holy mass as well in Berlin today. The coming days
      the Catholicose will be welcomed in different cities by the
      believers coming together from the 52 Syrian Orthodox parishes in

      The catholicose will inaugurate the aniversary celebrations of the
      St.Mary's Malankara Syrian Orthodox Congregaion in Zurich and Basel
      on 07.11.04 and attend many programmes there. 10-15 he will be in
      Vienna as the guest of the Vienna Archbishop and Pro-Oriente. on
      11.11.04 He will address Pro-Oriente and on 12.11. he will attend a
      mass in the central cathedral of vienna "Stephansdom" and following
      that participate in the lunch arranged by the Vienna Archbishop to
      honour the catholicose. on 13.11 he will lead the Ecumenical
      Convention conducted at the St.Mary's Malankara Syr.Orth. Church. on
      14.11.04 he will celebrate the holy mass in the church and many
      Social and Religious dignitaries will speak in the receptin
      following the meeting to falicitate the catholicose.

      On 20.11.04, 17hr H.B. will inaugurate a Malankara Syrian Orhtodox
      parish in Germany at Herne and celebrate the mass in the Syrian
      Orhodox Church at Herne.

      In his european visit H.B is being escorted by H.G. Dr. Kuriakose
      Mor Theophileos, the Metropolitan of the Malankara Syrain Orthodox
      European Diocese and V.Rev.Dr. Adai Jacob Corepiscopa, the principal
      of the M.S.O.T. Seminary.

      With Love and Prayers
      Fr.Dr.Biji Chirathilattu , Vicar, St.Mary's Syrian Orthodox
      Congregation Vienna

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      Posted By
      Thomas Daniel (Reji)
      St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
      Cheppaud, Alleppy Dist, Kerala, India.