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657Full-fledged Episcopal synod held after 186 years in Malankara

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Sep 23, 2004
      The full-fledged Episcopal synod of the Malankara Jacobite Syrian
      church was
      held here on Thursday in the presence of the Patriarch of Antioch,
      H.H Moran Mor
      Ignatius Zakka Iwas, after nearly 186 years.

      The synod, held at St George Jacobite church at nearby Karingachira,
      attended by Catholicos Baselious Thomas I and 18 metropolitans. This
      was the
      first time in the recent history of the Malankara Church that the
      Synod was
      meeting in the presence of the Patriarch.

      Briefing reporters on the synod deliberations in the presence of the
      synod secretary Joseph Mor Gregorius said that the Church would
      carry out its
      expansion with special emphasis on indigenization. ``The Church is
      already on
      the path of Indianisation. But we want to accelerate the pace,'' he

      As part of the Church's ``expansion project'', the synod also
      decided to set up
      more dioceses, consecrate additional bishops and new churches would
      be set up
      outside Kerala and efforts would be made to translate the liturgical
      texts and
      rites in regional languages of other states. He said the church had
      lots of
      followers in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and north India.

      Another major decision was the declaration of the St Mary's Church
      at Mannarcadu
      as a pilgrim centre.

      The synod also permitted the parishioners of St Thomas Jacobite
      Syrian Church,
      North Paravoor, and St George Church, Arthattu in Kunnamkulam to
      remember Abdul
      Jaleel Mor Gregorius and Sleeba Mor Osthathios respectively in their
      The names of both the departed spiritual heads were included in the
      `Thubdeen'(the episodes in the prayer which remembers the
      forefathers and the
      rich heritage of the Malankara Church) of the Jacobite Church.

      On the disputed closed churches, the Patriarch said churches are for
      Churches should be opened and followers of both the Orthodox and
      factions should be allowed to worship, he said. The court cases with
      regard to the disputes between the two factions should be freezed,
      he said.

      The synod assumes importance in the light of the ongoing factional
      feud between
      the Jacobite and Orthodox factions of the Malankara church over
      several issues,
      including distribution of church properties.

      In the morning, Patriarch declared the ancient St George Jacobite
      Syrian church
      at Karingachira near Tripunithura here as Cathedral of the Jacobite
      Established in AD 722, the St George church has witnessed several
      events in the history of the Malankara Church. The late Geevarghese
      Gregorius Metropolitan, popularly known as `Parumala Thirumeni'
      ascended the
      first step of ordination at this church. The church structure is a
      perfect blend
      of Persian and Indian traditional architecture.

      In the press conference the Patriarch said that his decision to
      declare St
      George Jacobite Church as a cathedral would not amount to violation
      of the
      Supreme Court judgment. ``It is a spiritual matter. My act cannot be
      dubbed as a
      violation of the Supreme Court directives,'' His Holiness said.


      In His Love
      Thomas Daniel (Reji)
      St. George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
      Cheppaud, Alleppy Dist, Kerala, India.
      http://ApostolicVisit.cjb.net or http://ApostolicVisit2004.cjb.net