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  • thomas_joseph@hotmail.com
    Apr 3, 2001
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      Dear Philip,

      I believe that the Syriac Orthodox Church would not re-baptize those
      who have been baptized in mainstream apostolic churches. The "one
      baptism for remission of sins" doctrine, as stated in the Nicene
      Creed, has historically favored a more lenient approach towards
      accepting the sacrament of baptism received in other churches.
      However, all received into the Church undergo chrismation.

      - Thomas

      --- In SOR-Forum@y..., philhar2001@y... wrote:
      > Hello, my name is Philip Harran and I am baptized and confirmed
      Catholic who is interested in being received into the Syriac Orthodox
      Church. As I have received the sacraments of initiation as a Roman
      Catholic, would I need to repeat either of them to enter the Syriac
      Orthodox Church or is only a confession of faith required? Thank you
      and God Bless.
      > Philip
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