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626Report of the Activities of the 'Inter-Orthodox Dialogue'

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Jul 5 11:19 PM

      (An organization for the promotion of exchanges between Eastern
      Orthodox and
      Oriental Orthodox Christians)

      c/o Christine Chaillot
      3 rue Meynadier
      75019 Paris, France
      phone/fax 00331-42380104
      e-mail: acchaillot@h...

      Report of the Activities of the 'Inter-Orthodox Dialogue'Autumn 2003-

      The Association is sending its annual report in advance in order to
      inform members of the following events:

      The International Congress of Coptic Studies will take place in Paris
      from June
      20th through July 3rd inclusive.

      The new church of the Syrian Orthodox community in Montfermeil(Paris)
      will be
      consecrated on Sunday, July 4th. This will be a great day for
      parishioners, who
      have worked so hard for years, mostly with their own hands, towards
      the realization of this goal. This occasion will also be an
      opportunity for meeting
      Syrian Orthodox, who will be coming from several different European
      One must realize that it is appropriate to make a monetary donation
      to this community for their new church. The church is situated at 58
      av. Perdrigée; (proceed to RER E station Gagny, then by bus 604 to
      stop College Jean Jaures, which stands opposite the church).

      In celebration of the thirty years of the existence of the Parish of
      St. Catherine in Chambésy ( Geneva), an Orthodox liturgy will be
      celebrated in the Basilica of St. Maurice (who originally was from
      Egypt) at 10:00 AM on Saturday, September 4th. The programme is as
      follows: 9:30 AM exposition of the relics; 12:15 PM lunch at the
      Abbey (inscription by Father Jean Renneteau in Chambésy phone 004122
      75810952); 2:00 PM tour of the Abbey; 3:30 PM talk on iconography;
      concluding with a To Deum at 4:30 PM.

      Our next annual meeting will take place at the Theological Institute
      of Saint Sergius, Paris, rue de Crimée (métro Laumière) on Sunday
      October 24th from 2:30 to 6:00 PM . In anticipation, thank you for
      announcing this meeting and for your co-operation in encouraging
      other Orthodox to attend. The theme will be borne out by a slide
      presentation on the main monasteries of the Oriental Orthodox
      Churches. For better presentation, it was decided to limit the
      programme to two talks this year. Joachim Persoon, who has recently
      presented a doctoral thesis on Ethiopian monasteries at SOAC, London,
      will speak about them. He has had the experience of visiting
      approximately one hundred monasteries within Ethiopia. Brother Roger,
      a Syrian Orthodox from Lebanon,will speak about the monasteries of
      his tradition. For your information, at our next meeting in autumn of
      2005, a presentation on Armenian and Coptic monasteries will be

      Activities concluded in the past few months:

      Our last annual meeting of the Association was held on October 4th at
      the Theological Institute of Saint Serge on the theme of ‘The
      Sunday Liturgy in the Oriental Orthodox Churches.' Presentations were
      given by the following: Father Nerseh Baboudjian ( Armenian Church),
      Brother Roger ( Syrian Orthodox Church), who is a Lebanese student in
      Paris, Deacon Joseph Stephanos ( Coptic Church) who was accompanied
      by Father Moussa Naguib, and Father Mezgebou, an Ethiopian student in
      Leuwen, Belgium. Father Irenée Dalmais ( Dominican, a specialist in
      Oriental liturgies), made a final synthesis of this topic. reviews in
      Bulletin de la Crypte rue Daru no 317/Nov. 2003 and SOP 283)

      On November 2nd, I went to Brussels for the consecration of the new
      Syrian Orthodox church in Jette.

      On November 7th, I listened to a round table discussion on ‘The
      Syriac writings: a source of history of the Middle East Christians'
      which was organized by the Laboratory of Semitic Studies in the
      College of France(Paris).

      On November 15th and 16th, the International Orthodox Parish of St.
      Isaac of Nineveh in Helsinki ( Finland) organized a Conference
      entitled ‘Orientals and Byzantines -- Churches and cultures in
      interaction', with decided accent on the Oriental Orthodox Churches.
      I presented the activities of our Association as a practical example
      of dialogue between our two Church Families.

      Being present in Scandinavia, I gave a lecture on November 18th on
      the Oriental Orthodox Churches at the Russian Orthodox Church( a
      parish of the Ecumenical Patriarchate) in Oslo ( Norway). During
      stops made in Stockholm, I visited the two Syrian Orthodox hierarchs,
      the Greek bishop as well as priests in the Coptic, Ethiopian and
      Russian parishes. My books are sold in a bookstore there specializing
      in books on Orthodoxy, 3 Tulegatan ( see my article in Bulletin de la
      Crypte no 320, February 2004). Some Ethiopian students, who present a
      weekly radio hour programme for minorities, conducted an interview
      with me about my work.

      On November 29th, I took part in the general Assembly of the Orthodox
      Fraternity in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Paris).

      The second pilgrimage to the Coptic monasteries lasted from February
      2nd through the 11th and it was successful. On May 16th, the slides
      of the pilgrimage were shown at St. Serge Institute, at which time I
      presented the Coptic Church (review of the first pilgrimage in
      Bulletin de la Crypte no.321, March 2004 by Jacques Verrier).

      I travelled again to England, where I made a presentation on my books
      at the large Anglican bookstore, SPCK, on March 15, 2004.

      During Holy Week, I went to several Coptic parish churches in Paris
      to follow the liturgical offices. Being present at actual services
      furthered my research in preparation for the treatment of the Coptic
      liturgical life in my forthcoming book. My research was greatly
      helped by French liturgical translations published by Father Moussa
      of Villejuif.

      Several reviews of my books have appeared:

      St. Mark Magazine(Cairo) January 2003, The Ethiopian Herald ( Addis
      February 16, 2003, Solidarité Orient 227 (July/Sept 2003),
      Aethiopica 6,
      Hamburg (2003), Jacques Mercier in Annales d'Ethiopie 19 (2003),
      Father Ugo
      Zanetti in Irénikon 2/3(2003) and Reverend John Watson in Watani
      8.04.2004 .

      Activities in the upcoming months:

      From September 10th through the 12th, I shall go to the Orbis
      Aethiopicus Conference on Ethiopian Studies in Mannheim (Germany).

      From September 20th through the 25th will be the Symposium Syriacum
      as well
      as that of Christian Arabic Studies organized by the Universities of
      Kaslik and Saint Joseph in Beirut (Lebanon), on the theme
      of "Dialogue of cultures". My topic will be " Some Examples of
      Integration of the Syrian Orthodox in Western Europe and their
      Intercultural Dialogue." The Syrian Orthodox Metropolitan of Aleppo (
      Syria) will publish in his collection of books on the Syrian
      Orthodox, an Arabic translation of my book on that church, which I
      hope to present during my stay in Lebanon and Syria.

      In the United States, I want to thank Father John Harvey for his kind
      support. He has a special interest in the dialogue with the Oriental
      Orthodox and has promoted, in a proactive manner, practical co-
      operation with neighboring parishes of both families in the state of
      Rhode Island. Victoria Sherry of the Heartland Orthodox Museum in
      Topeka, Kansas (60 miles west of Kansas City) has contacted me in
      order to promote and sell my book on Ethiopian Orthodoxy at their
      special exhibition entitled "Ancient African Christianity: The sacred
      art of Ethiopia" (May to October).

      May we remind you that it was in Paris, during the year of 2000, that
      the Association ‘INTER ORTHODOX DIALOGUE, was duly registered. The
      stated aim of this organization is to promote and further exchanges
      between the Eastern Orthodox and the Oriental Orthodox Christians.
      Father Boris Bobrinskoy is its President and Michel Stavrou is its
      Vice-President and Vice-Treasurer. The objective of this new
      association is to facilitate a better knowledge and understanding of
      the life and traditions of the Oriental Orthodox, who are becoming
      more and more numerous in Europe and elsewhere, so that favorable
      contacts between them and the Eastern Orthodox can be accomplished.
      The association actively works for the progression of the Dialogue
      existing between the two Families of Orthodox Churches. Towards a
      realization of these goals, the Association organizes conferences,
      concerts, meetings and trips. This new Association was accepted by
      the Fraternité Orthodoxe en Europe Occidentale, and informative
      texts are available on its web site www.fraternite-
      orthodoxe.org/mouvements/Dialogue entreOrthodoxes

      Please Note!! There is no financial cost to become a member of this
      Association. For membership, please send names, addresses. E-mail and
      numbers to me at acchaillot@h...

      Meetings are free of charge. As founder of this association, I take
      great interest in its care and work. My main work, pursuant to these
      goals, is to write informative books and articles on the Oriental
      Orthodox Churches. Currently, I am researching and preparing my sixth
      book, which is dedicated to presenting the integral life and
      spirituality of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Last February was spent
      on on-site research in Egypt, and I will return there probably in
      November/December to continue this work.

      Should you need any further information, I may be contacted at the
      above mentioned e-mail address.

      Praying that we all may be one in Christ, I remain sincerely

      Christine Chaillot
      Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OrthodoxNews