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612Bible question

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  • Sevile George
    Jun 6, 2004
      I wanted to know what is considered the canon for the
      old testament for the Syrian Orthodox Church.

      The Protestant Bibles contain 39 books; Catholic
      Bibles contain 46 books (includes Macabees 1 & 2, and
      other books); finally, the Eastern Orthodox Bibles
      contain more books than the Catholic Bibles (includes
      Maccabees 3, an extra Psalm, and other books).

      Does the Syrian Orthodox Church maintain one of the
      above canons in its Bible, or does in have a different
      canon? Also, would anyone know if this canon is also
      followed by the other Oriental Orthodox Churches?
      Finally, is their a specific English translation of
      the Bible that the Church considers ideal?

      Thank you,

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