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597Re: [SORForum] Re: Jesus is a Jew

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  • Steve Dennehy
    May 2, 2004
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      Jesus is a Jew, Jesus is a man--God as man and will
      always be a man, a Divine man. Otherwise you end up
      denying the Incarnation. "What is not assumed is not
      redeemed" (I think it was St. Athanasius who said
      that.). God the Son did not becaome man, then
      transcend being a man, cease being a man. He restored
      His human nature to a pre-fallen state in His glorious
      resurrection, restoring our human nature in His. He
      ascended into the Father, deifying His human nature
      and deifying our human nature in His. In the
      Ascension His human nature becomes Divine, it does not
      cease to exist.
      In Yeshua, the Divine Jew,
      --- D�vide Siv�ro <davidetamara@...> wrote:
      > Jesus was not and is not a Jew! He was incarnated
      > as a Jewish man
      > -I meant that.
      > > Moreover, the Gospels were written in Greek, not
      > Hebrew
      > -Lots of scholars say that at least Mor Mattay's
      > Gospel was written
      > either in Aramaic or Hebrew, isn't that true? Anyhow
      > I think it isn't
      > a matter of dogma...
      > The Greek Orthodox tradition says that the Aramaic
      > or Hebrew parts of
      > the New Testament were immediately translated into
      > Greek under the
      > guidance of the Ru'ho Qadisho.
      > BaMshi'ho,
      > Davide
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