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589Re: [SORForum] Jesus is a Jew

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  • Dàvide Sivèro
    Apr 27 10:37 AM
      > The Arabs, Muslim and Christian, of Israel are full
      > citizens of the State of Israel and are about 20% of
      > the population.

      -But they are often regarded as second class citizens, as even non-Ashkenazi
      Jewish Israelis are.

      > It isn't money worship that causes us to send our sons
      > and daughters to Iraq, it was to rid Irag, the Middle
      > East and the world of a very evil dictator

      -I fear that most wars aren't charity...

      You would never accuse our nation

      -No, dear friend and brother in Christ, I don't accuse a nation, a people at
      all. I do accuse a kind of politics.

      Americans are not perfect, we are good
      > and evil like all people but you folks are intent on
      > painitng us as all-evil and yourselves as all-good.
      > Both are lies.

      -You are right!
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