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587Re: [SORForum] Jesus is a Jew

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  • Dàvide Sivèro
    Apr 30, 2004
      I strongly suggest that Messrs. Dennehy and Sivèro spend some time
      studying the work of the Greek Fathers, who were well-acquainted with
      the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, etc.

      -I didn't reflected before now on these words, dear brother in
      Christ. Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus weren't Christians at all, they
      were Pagans, but, of course, a Pagan can have a valid thought. St.
      Augustine said that the Greeks had been given reason by the Lord,
      while the Jews had been given the Torah, the Revelation (which
      definitely is more important).

      It is the Greeks, not the Hebrews, who are the true spiritual
      forebears of Christianity, as St. Clement of Alexandria, for example,
      adequately attests.

      -Yes, it's very clear that most Jews didn't believe in Christ, while
      most Greeks do. Of course this doesn't contraddict at all the fact
      that there is NO difference before God between one people and another
      people, between Jews, Greeks, Syrians or anybody else.
      I suspect that our dear friend and brother in Christ Steve unproperly
      mixed hate against the Jews, hate against the Americans, hate against
      current American politics, hate against Israeli politics, hate
      against the death of innocent Arab people etc., but I wanted to share
      with him the thought that the Jews, as well as deserving the utmost
      respect as every other people created by God, can't be hated by any
      Christian who believes that God chose to incarnate as a Jewish man.
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