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583Re: [SORForum] Jesus is a Jew

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  • Edward Moore
    Apr 25, 2004
      "Dàvide Sivèro" <davidetamara@...> wrote:
      > Of course Yeshua' HamMashia'h was a Jew, and almost all the prophets
      > and the main saints of our
      faith, including the mother of God, are
      > Jews.
      > Shalom
      > Davide
      I must confess that I am aghast at the theological ignorance of certain members of this forum.  Have none bothered to study patrology and the Oecumenical Councils?  Jesus was not and is not a Jew!  He was incarnated as a Jewish man, yes, but in his humanity He united all of human nature with the Godhead, in a manner transcending biological and ethnic differences.  This is "Theology 101" gentlemen ... Please refer to St. Athanasius' De incarnatione, or to the Christological writings of St. Maximus the Confessor. 
      Moreover, the Gospels were written in Greek, not Hebrew, due to the fact that God has decided to make His revelation accessible to the entire world, not just to the Jews -- and in that period Greek was the common language of the Roman Empire.  I strongly suggest that Messrs. Dennehy and Sivèro spend some time studying the work of the Greek Fathers, who were well-acquainted with the philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, etc.  It is the Greeks, not the Hebrews, who are the true spiritual forebears of Christianity, as St. Clement of Alexandria, for example, adequately attests.
      H cariV tou Kuriou hmwn Ihsou Cristou meta pantwn umwn.
      Edward Moore, S.T.L.
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