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5142004 Church Calendar

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  • Thomas Joseph
    Nov 25, 2003
      The 2004 Church Calendar, with feast dates as observed in the Malankara
      Church, is now available for download at http://sor.cua.edu/Calendar/.

      Any distribution of the calendar should contain acknowledgement of the
      source as printed in the copyright notice that appears in the footnotes of
      each page. While not a pleasant task, given past experience, I do need to
      remind some amongst us that the eighth commandment does apply to the digital
      domain as well!

      The calendar was generated by a Java application, the algorithms and
      implementation of which are described in a paper that I presented at the
      IVth Syriac Computing Forum at Princeton in July 2003. The presentation is
      linked at http://sor.cua.edu/Calendar/ in the References section; the audio
      streaming archive of the same is at http://www.ptsem.edu/syriac03/links.htm
      (Click on SyrCOM - Syriac Computing Session I).

      Thomas Joseph, Ph.D.
      Web Master, Syriac Orthodox Resources [ http://sor.cua.edu/ ]
      Tech. Editor, Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies [
      http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye/ ]

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