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419Discovery Proves to be Apostle Peter's Burial Ground

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Apr 5, 2003
      Vatican Discovery Proves to be Apostle Peter's Burial Ground


      An important archaeological discovery was made in the Vatican when a
      site for construction of car parking was being cleared.
      Archaeologists discovered an ancient necropolis of the times of St.
      Apostle Peter, the same that is mentioned in the Gospel. Now this
      version is studied by historians; if it proves true, this in its turn
      will confirm another hypothesis suggested by historian Magrherita
      Guarducci. She supposes that an entombment of St. Apostle Peter was
      found under the altar that is situated under the St.Peter's basilica

      This version has been waiting for confirmation or refutation since

      Director of Vatican museums Francesco Buranelli and archbishop
      Francesco Marchisano, "the minister of the Vatican cultural wealth",
      have confirmed that the discovery is of top-priority importance. The
      statement was made at the time when archaeologists haven't yet
      provided final conclusions concerning the discovery.

      At the site of archeological dig historians discovered remains, two
      sarcophagi, Christian and pagan, floor mosaic, amphora, fragments of
      terracotta articles. But further digging changed opinion of the
      scientists. Necropolis dated from the Nero epoch includes both,
      Christian and pagan entombments. Buranelli says: "These are first
      burial grounds of Christians, the first made after those found under
      the St.Peter's basilica in the Vatican, the first after Saint Apostle
      Peter's grave. We made a decision to present the findings in a
      complete historical condition as soon as the works will be finished."

      Yelena Kiseleva

      Translated by Maria Gousseva

      Read the original in Russian: