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4[SORForum] Fw: Hugoye: New Issue (Vol. 3, No. 1)

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  • George Kiraz
    Feb 1, 2000

      The January 2000 (Vol 3, No 1) issue of "Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies" is published now and can be accessed at:

         Home Site:   http://syrcom.cua.edu/Hugoye

                      (Catholic University of America, USA)

         Mirror Site: http://www.leidenuniv.nl/gg/peshitta/syrcom/Hugoye/

                      (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

      The issue presents papers delivered at Syriac Symposium III, held at the University of Notre Dame in June 1999:

      The Fall of Satan in the Thought of St. Ephrem and John Milton
      Gary A. ANDERSON, Harvard University

      Disputing with Islam in Syriac: The Case of the Monk of Bêt Hãlê and a Muslim Emir
      Sidney H. GRIFFITH, The Catholic University of America

      Signs of Ephrem's Exegetical Techniques in his Homily on Our Lord
      Angela Y. KIM, University of Notre Dame

      Past and Present Perceptions of Syriac Literary Tradition
      Lucas VAN ROMPAY, Leiden University

      The current issue also 11 book reviews, conference reports and conference announcements.

      If you would like to receive further notifications when a new issue is published, please register your email at the address:

      For information on submitting articles, please see under 'Submission' on the site.

      George Anton Kiraz, Ph.D.
      Hugoye, General Editor

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