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  • Fr. Antonious Henein <antonious@theotoko
    Jan 5, 2003
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      The Christmas Present


      Dear beloved,


      Blessing in the name of our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ.


      Please let me share with you what I have read today on the Feast of the Nativity:


      The Nativity Icon


      "The Christmas present that God wants us to give Him is our sins.  He came to take them. Let's give Him our sins, and He will give us God's kingdom.  What a blessed exchange!"

      --St. Jerome said


      "هدية الميلاد التي يريدنا الله أن نعطيها له هي خطايانا، فقد أتى ليأخذها. فلنعطه خطايانا وهو سيعطنا ملكوت الله. ياله من تبادل مبارك."

      القديس إيروناوس


      Pray for me as I pray for you all.

      Fr. Antonious Henein



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