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306Re: Fwd: Canonical Hours?

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  • drthomas_joseph
    Aug 30, 2002
      The book of common prayer for all canonical hours in the Syriac
      Orthodox Church is called the ShHimo. It has been translated to
      English (in prose, not set to Syriac meter) by Rev. Bede Griffiths
      and was originally published by the Kurishumala ashram (a Malankara
      Catholic Church institution) in Kerala. I believe it is out of print
      although copies were until recently available at the Malankara Syrian
      Orthodox Theological Seminary, Udayagiri. You can read more about the
      ShHimo in the worship section of SOR at
      http://sor.cua.edu/Worship/index.html .

      The Phenqito is the more elaborate book of prayers with prayers for
      important days in the liturgical calendars. This is used in Syriac
      Orthodox churches for formal worship services. This book has not been
      translated to English or other languages faithfully as far as I am
      aware. (Fr. Francis Acharya of Kurishumala has published a book based
      on the phenqito which is not faithful to the original but mixes many
      elements of the Hindu form of worship.)

      - Thomas Joseph

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      > Does anyone out there know of any English translations
      > currently available of the Canonical Hours/Divine
      > Office/Breviary/Horologion of the Syrian rite, as used
      > either by the Church in India or in Syria and the
      > Middle East? Where might one buy them, and how much
      > would they cost?
      > Furthermore, what is the basic structure of the
      > offices? How are they formed? Is the use of the
      > Psalms as intense as in the Byzantine or Coptic
      > traditions? Are there parts that are specifically
      > meant for priests, as opposed to what the laity can
      > use? Are the laity allowed to pray these prayers at
      > home, and what would they then have to omit in the
      > absence of a priest?
      > I'd appreciate any information anyone can give me in
      > this regard...thanks!
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