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295Mother of God? Part 5

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Aug 11, 2002
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      Mother of God? Part 5

      From the second century onwards Church fathers had in no uncertain
      terms held that Christ, born from holy Virgin Mariam, assumed a body
      formed of the substance of her human essence.

      And was incarnate of the Holy Virgin Mary Mother of God, by the Holy
      Ghost and became man;�.. (Nicene Creed)

      St. John of Damascus (645/675-749)

      ... God he Word, who was begotten of the Father timelessly before the
      ages, and who subsisted with the Father and with the Spirit eternally
      and without beginning, in these last days took His abode in her (Holy
      Virgin Mariam) womb for our salvation, and without change took flesh
      of her and was born. For the Holy Virgin did not bear mere man but
      true God, not naked but incarnate, not with a body brought down from
      heaven, not passing through her as through a channel, but homoousios
      with us, having taken flesh from her though subsisting in Himself.
      For if the body had come down from heaven and did not share in our
      nature, of what use were His becoming man? For the purpose of God the
      Word in becoming man was that the very nature which had sinned fallen
      and become corrupted might triumph over the deceiving tyrant and thus
      be freed of corruption. (Ibid, Vol. III, Para, P:337)

      To be continued..

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