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26Re: 8 day Lent in he Month of September

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  • thomas_joseph@hotmail.com
    Nov 28 3:17 PM
      Shlomo Thomas Daniel.

      The 8 day lent observed in Malankara is associated with the birth of
      St. Mary. The practice originated at the ancient St. Mary's Church,
      Manarcaud, near Kottayam. The tradition of congregations fasting from
      the first of the month until the feast day of the patron saint of
      their church was common practice in the past. The fast in connection
      with St. Mary's Assumption (Shunoyo) from Aug 1-15 is a prescribed
      fast of the Church universally. It was at the St. Mary's Church at
      Manarcaud that the tradition of fasting prior to St. Mary's birth
      date in Malankara began. Due to the influence of this ancient church,
      other churches in Malankara also adopted this practice. It is by no
      means a prescribed fast of the Church.

      However, the Church does celebrate the birth of St. Mary universally.
      In the calendars of the Church in the Middle-East and the diaspora,
      the date is Sep 7th; in Malankara, for some reason, it is 8th. The
      fact that the Church celebrates St. Mary's birthday does not suggest
      even remotely that the Church accepts the Roman Catholic dogma of
      Immaculate Conception. We are merely celebrating her birth; we are
      not making any dogmatic statements regarding the nature of her birth.

      It is fashionable for critics to deride the now common Malankara
      Syriac Orthodox practice of fasting prior to St. Mary's birthday
      claiming that this is a Roman Catholic influence. There is no truth
      to this; the fast at Manarcaud is not a recent innovation. I hope
      that these false arguments do not dissuade anyone who wishes to set
      apart a few days for fasting and prayer.

      In the love of our Lord,
      Thomas Joseph

      --- In SOR-Forum@egroups.com, "Daniel Thomas" <daniel_reji@h...>
      > To all brothers in Christ
      > The Roman Catholic Church observes an eight-day Nativity lent from
      > 1st Sept. to 8th Sept. in commemoration of Virgin Mary's Immaculate
      > Conception and birth which dogma is not recognized by the Orthodox
      > Church.
      > Her nativity is, however honored by the church. The church gives
      > importance to Her `SHOONOYO' (The death of blessed Virgin Mariam –
      > Variously expressed as Repose, Falling Asleep).
      > Then why our Churches in Malankara observed the 8-day lent on
      > September?
      > Is it not leading to a false equation of divinity with that of
      > and also to a false notion of deity – both of which are not in
      > conformity with Orthodox Theology?
      > Is in any part of the world other than Malankara observe this 8 day
      > lent in our Church?
      > In God's Love
      > Thomas Daniel
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