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248Mediate Upon Scriptures and the Teachings of the Saints to Purify the Mind.

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  • Thomas Daniel
    May 29, 2002

      Meditate Upon Scriptures and the Teachings of the Saints to Purify the Mind

      From the teachings of Martyrius in: "The Syriac Fathers on Prayer and the Spiritual Life," Sebastian Brock, Cistercian Publications:

      53. Truly great and mighty is the power of God's word. For the word of God has changed the offspring of vipers into children of God. So let us constantly sow it within the hard soil of our heart, waiting for it to soften it so that the wheat-ear of life may sprout up in it. For the word of God is at the same time the seed and the water; and even though we have a heart like stone, it will be softened and split up by the water of the Spirit, so that it can bring forth holy
      fruit that is pleasing to God.

      54. Therefore let no one neglect meditation of the divine words or the labor of reading the appointed measure. As our honored teacher said, from such meditation the soul acquires great benefit and finds salvation. Furthermore, we please God by this occupation, and our
      mouths are cleansed of both abuse and of shameful and frivolous talk, seeing that we are constantly meditating on the holy words. We also become objects of fear for the demons as we arm our tongues with these words. Above all, we bring close to ourselves the grace of the
      Spirit, and the Eye of our soul is made to shine by the understanding we receive from him. This is why God gave us eyes, mouth and hearing, so that all our limbs might be filled with service of him, as we recount his words, carry our his wishes, continuously sing his praises and ceaselessly offer up to him thanksgiving. By these means we shall purify our minds.

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