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240Re: St. George

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  • drthomas_joseph
    Apr 24, 2002
      The feast day of St. George is widely celebrated on April 23 by most
      Christian denominations (Oxford Dictionary of Christian Churches,
      1997). Syriac Orthodox calendars also have the same date. Even in
      Malankara, many churches celebrate the feast day on April 23rd as I
      could reckon from recent editions of dailies published there. One
      possibility (for which I have no evidence) is that the original date
      which could have become known in India according to the Greek or
      Julian calendars was converted to the date in the month of Medam on
      the Malayalam calendar (which starts in AD 825) and now results in a
      discrepancy with the date on the Gregorian calendar.

      Thomas Joseph

      --- In SOR-Forum@y..., "Thomas Daniel" <daniel_reji@h...> wrote:
      > As per the SOR page
      http://sor.cua.edu/Personage/Qadishe/MGewargis.html feast of St.
      George is celebrated on 23rd April. But in Malankara the feast is
      celebrated on the first week of May (5th to 9th). Can any one explain
      the reason of this date difference?

      Thomas Daniel
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