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236RE: [SORForum] Holy Qurobo and Reunion in Kharput

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  • Sarkessian, Gary A
    Apr 15, 2002
      While you are there, please pray for the 150,000 Armenians from Kharput that the Turks killed in 1915-1916.  I'm surprised they have even left a church standing that wasn't desecrated.

      Garabed Sarkessian
      Armenian Apostolic Church
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      Subject: [SORForum] Holy Qurobo and Reunion in Kharput

      Dear All,
      This is a short notice! I received today a call from Robert Gabriel (robert.gabriel@...) in Lebanon that there will be a reunion meeting for all Syrian Orthodox who are originally from Kharput during April 17-19. The reunion will take place in Kharput with a liturgy celebrated by both bishops in Turkey in the old church of St. Marry (Mariam Anna). Please contact Robert Gabriel directly for information.
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