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153Re: Tabernacles

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  • thomas_joseph@hotmail.com
    Sep 18, 2001
      Mr. Dennehy,

      Much happened in the US and around the world since Sep 10th when you
      first posted this message, that responding to a SOR-Forum message was
      not the priority for most of us... It is perfectly fine to be
      persistent, but I would request you to be more sensitive in your
      messages to the list.

      As far as I know, traditionally Syriac Orthodox Churches (in India)
      store any host left over from the celebration of the divine mysteries
      in a pyx which is also used for carrying the host for administering
      last rites. Some of the more modern Syriac Orthodox Churches in India
      have a tabernacle placed on the altar ledge; however, I don't believe
      that it is very typical. I have seen tabernacles in Syriac Orthodox
      Churches in the Middle Eastern diaspora but I am not sure whether the
      tabernacle is standard.

      The Syriac Orthodox make the sign of the cross as they come into the
      church and in front of the altar. In addition, they may also bow
      their heads in front of the altar.

      As an aside, while the Syriac Orthodox prostrate during regular
      prayer services, they do not prostrate on Sunday (starting Saturday
      evening prayers to Sunday ninth hour prayers including the divine
      liturgy) as well as between Easter and Pentecost, the days
      commemorating and celebrating the ressurection of Christ.

      Thomas Joseph

      --- In SOR-Forum@y..., Steve Dennehy <svjd@y...> wrote:
      > I'll try this again.
      > Where are the Tabernacles located in Syriac Orthodox
      > Churches ?
      > What do they look like ?
      > How do you express worship of Lord Jesus in His
      > Eucharistic Presence in the Tabernacle (Roman
      > Catholics genuflect, Greek-Rite Orthodox bow , etc.)?
      > I'm surprised not to have recieved an answer to
      > questions any practising Syriac Orthodox person could
      > answer, without looking anything up, with very little
      > effort.
      > Steve
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