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137Prayer Of Saint Issac Of Nineveh

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  • Thomas Daniel
    Aug 13, 2001
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      O Name of Jesus,
      key to all gifts,
      open up for me the great door to your treasurehouse
      so that I may enter and praise you
      with the praise that comes from the heart
      in return for your mercies
      which I have experienced in latter days;
      for you came and renewed me
      with an awareness of the New World.

      I give praise to your holy nature, Lord,
      for you have made my nature
      a sanctuary for your hiddenness
      and a tabernacle for your Mysteries,
      a place where you can dwell,
      and a holy temple for your divinity.

      Prayer of Saint Isaac of Nineveh in "The Syriac Fathers On Prayer
      and the Spiritual Life," Cistercian Publications