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108The Odes of Solomon

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  • Sarkessian, Gary A
    May 30 4:39 AM
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      Is anyone familiar with "The Odes of Solomon." It is reported to be "An
      Authentic 1st Century Book of Christian Psalms." They are said to have been
      written in the region of Antioch in the second century AD.

      For more information you can investigate it on the web by searching on "The
      Odes of Solomon" at www.google.com

      The Catholic Encyclopedia lists it as
      Eighteen apocryphal psalms, extant in Greek, probably translated from a
      Hebrew, or an Aramaic original, commonly assigned to
      the first century B.C.
      They contain little of originality, and are, for the
      most part, centos drawn from the
      psalms of David. In them Messianic hope is not
      bright; a gloom enshrouds that
      hope - the gloom caused by Pompey's siege of

      Thank you,
      Garabed Sarkessian