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1061Rediscovering Forgotten Anaphoras

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  • Chev. Thomas Daniel (Reji)
    Jul 5, 2010
      Rediscovering Forgotten Anaphoras
      From Saint Mark's Convent, Jerusalem

      by Father Dale A. Johnson

      In the monastery of Saint Mark in Jerusalem, a Syriac Orthodox Convent associated with the Last Supper of Christ and His Disciples, is a library of Syriac Manuscripts.

      When I arrived in 1980 for the first of three visits I still was able to see some remarkable records through the courtesy of His Eminence Jijawi, Syriac Archbishop of Jerusalem. In 1982 I returned with equipment to microfilm manuscripts which were subsequently delivered to the Arthur Voobus Syriac Collection at the Lutheran School of Theology at the University of Chicago where they have languished for 27 years. As a poor student I was not able to afford to make copies. A few years later Kent Brown from Brigham Young University microfilmed many of the same materials. Recently these microfilms were digitized and put online by BYU ( see http://cpart.byu.edu/files/brown). I immediately recognized the Syriac lectionary with the shelf number Ms Syr 98 (14). I had specifically microfilmed the colophon. To see the complete lectionary once again filled my soul with joy.

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