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  • Michael Poe
    Jan 5, 2010
                                Dear family in our Lord,God and Saviour Jesus Christ,the Gospel of Thomas has been falsely labeled as gnostic for quite sometime but if one truely reads it,one will find it perfectly Orthodox in every way.The majority of our Lord's quotes in the Gospel of Thomas has exact parrelels in the canonical Gospels.An interesting clue about its orgins is the quote where our Lord responds to a question asked by the disciples when they ask him who to go to for leadership and guidiance after our Lord would ascend into heaven after his crucifiction,death,and glorious resurection.Our Lord told them to go to Jame's the just,who we know from the book of acts and the writings of Eusubius was the first bishop of Jerusalem and the leader of the first Orthodox Christian community before shifting to Antioch after St.James martyrdom in Jerusalem where it is said he was thrown off the pinnacle of the temple for his profession of true Orthodox Christian faith in the profession of our Lord,God and Saviour Jesus Christ's divinity.He was very revered by the first Christians of Jerusalem and all the early churches and by all the apostles,disciples,and even many pious Jews.He was called the camel kneed because of all the callousess he had on his knees and elbows from all the prostrations he would make in the temple.It is also said that he was a Nazarite and followed all the precepts and dedications of being one.The gospel of Thomas is not at all gnostic in its context.It is complestely different from all the other books that were found at Nag Hammadi that were gnostic in their content.The location of Nag Hamadi where they were found was the ancient remains of a Pachomian Coptic Orthodox monastery and the texts were hidden by a monk.The reference to St.James is a very strong indicator of its authenticity.The deep,profound teachings of our Lord found in the Gospel of Thomas are very mystical,spiritual and profound and are identical in content and meaning with the gospel of St,John to a tremendous degree,and also to the synoptic gospels of St.Matthew,Mark,and Luke.Modern biblical scholars are more and more of the opinion and conclusion that the Gospel of Thomas may be the oldest gospel written,and coming from the original true Orthodox Christian church of Jerusalem,with James as its bishop,and the ancient church of Antioch when and where St.Peter was the first bishop for 8 years before he went to Rome.Although much emphasis has been attributed to St.Peter being the bishop of Jerusalem,He was the first bishop of Antioch for 8 years before going to Rome,and he was subservient to St.Jame's as James was the leader of the original Jerusalem church.I encourage anyone who is interested to read the gospel of Thomas themselves and come to their own conclusion than to listen to people who might even be priests or hierarchs of the church who in all probability have not read it for themselves.The reference to James clearly indicates a Syrian-Aramaic orgin.All the Gospels,epistles,and revelation were originally written in Aramaic,the language of our Lord and the apostles,and comprise the true,original Holy Bible we know as the Holy Peshitta.In the name of Moran Yashua Mshiho Bar Alaha,Michael.P.S. anyone intersested in the gospel of Thomas should read it.It is very beautiful and is an authentic book of our Lord's teaching that is deeply,purely Orthodox and beautifully mystical and spiritual.There are many books of the Apocrypha that are still held as illuminating and truth giving and were even held as canonical for a part of the original church such as The Shepherd of Hermes,1st and 2cnd Jubilees,1st and 2nd Macabees,First Book of Enoch,ect.The Ethiopian canon has retained alot of these Apocryphal books into their Bible,which I find to be beautiful.They dont include the gospel of Thomas,but I really encourage interested people to read it for themselves and in it they will find great beauty.
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      Subject: [SORForum] Re: Gospel of Thomas
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      Thank you Dr Thomas for your reply. Would it be advisable to read this book? Or should we avoid its contents as Orthodox Christians?

      Thank you

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      > The Gospel of Thomas is allegedly a Gnostic text, the complete version of which (in Coptic) was discovered in 945, although separate portions of a Greek version were discovered as early as 1897. It was never accepted as part of the NT canon in any mainstream church including the Syriac Orthodox.
      > Modern scholars do not consider that it was written by Apostle Thomas. In the 4th cent. Cyril of Alexandria suggested that it was written by a Thomas who was a disciple of Mani. Scholars date the text between AD 60 and 140. Being an early witness to Christ outside the New Testament canon it has scholarly significance. However, from the Orthodox viewpoint it has no canonical authority.
      > Rgds,
      > Thomas Joseph
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      > > Greetings,
      > >
      > > I was wondering what the position of the church is on the use or reading of the Gospel of Thomas? Does it hold any significant value in it content to the christian community?
      > >
      > > God bless
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