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This weekend

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  • Jay Wince
    Hello all, We are hoping to make it to the Lizard Saturday for the brew. It appears that I will not work this weekend. If we do make it, we would be happy to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
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      Hello all,
        We are hoping to make it to the Lizard Saturday for the brew. It appears that I will not work this weekend. If we do make it, we would be happy to do an extract brew (that is Lori and I) but we need a burner to use. We can bring the propane tank but my burners are mounted to my rack. If one of you (Frank??) could bring a burner, We'll bring a kettle and equipment to do a basic extract, shake like no tomorrow, pitch with no starter, average gravity, English-style ale that most people would do with their first batch. Perhaps we can use one of the Brewer's Best kits as that would be a very good kit for a first batch. I'll post later this week to confirm that I don't work and that we will be there. Rick, I probably won't start quite as early as you as I would assume our brew day to be only a couple of hours or so, but would want to start probably around your boil start time. I'll check the archives and get your schedule again.
        Jeff, I am doing the Oktoberfest on Sunday if you want to come down. I don't know your plans but you could always come down Saturday night and stay if you want. I don't know what Denise has going on this weekend. Lori will call you sometime Wednesday. She has your container. If you can make it Saturday I'll see you then, and Bill, thanks for the bottles!! I needed them!
        Rick, Steve, and Jeff, if you want you can forward your deposits for the conicals on Saturday. If not, you can get them to me by mail or maybe hook up with Lori next week sometime. I plan on ordering the cones and lids as soon as I get the deposits. TMS told me that it would be next day shipping in Ohio. Our welder is ready when we are. I would assume with his work schedule and doing 4 or 5 units that we can hopefully have them before years end. This is a conservative estimate as I think they would be ready sooner. Contact me with any questions either through this forum or directly.
        I hope to see many of you Saturday as I haven't seen you for a while. Let's keep the competition entries rolling as we are on a roll ourselves. Remember, let's assault NHC this year. I would love for SODZ to bring home a half dozen medals at least. Also consider the Upper Mississippi Mash-Out that will be held in Minneapolis in January. This is a 500+ beer event. Lori and I will be attending this years event with me judging and Lori stewarding. We would love to accept a few medals on SODZ's behalf there as well. Check out www.mnbrewers.com for details.
        Well, my glass is empty and it's time for bed. Take care all and we'll see you soon.

      Take Care,

      Jay and Lori

      "Any Brewer making beer unfit to drink would be drowned in it"
      Babylonian King Hammourabi - circa 1730 B.C.

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