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Meeting follow up items from Jamie Arthur, Little Miami Farms, Ohio

Jamie asked me to pass these along to our members. 1. I didn’t catch his name, but during the Q&A one of your members asked about Galaxy hops and why none of
Nov 24

Elevator Brewing Company LImited Release Party

Dick Stevens, owner of Elevator Brewing Company, has announced a Limited Release Party for their Gravity 2.0, an Imperial Stout, weighing in at 13% ABV, and 74
Nov 20

(no subject)

hi SODZ http://bit.ly/2hMkSL2 Yours Jeff Hornberger
Jeff Hornberger
Nov 7

Re: Water softener question

Thanks guys! Unfortunately the silcocks here are also softened so for now I will go store bought R.O and build up. I would like to be able to have brewing
Will Shiel
Nov 1

Re: Water softener question

Will,    No expert advice here, but I too am on a softener at my house.  A different system than you had a quarter mile away when you lived here.  I have
Jim Sudduth
Oct 30

Re: Water softener question

Well, everyone here knows I'm no brewing expert (or water expert for that matter). I grew up on softened well water, it's basically all I've ever know for
Rick Doerr
Oct 29

Re: Water softener question

I wouldn't use any salt based water softeners for your brewing. There are no salt softeners. I'm not 100%, but they seem to be similar to DI cartridges. If
Craig Davis
Oct 29

Water softener question

Hello all, hope all is well back in cowtown! I have a question about water softeners: So in addition to being new to Illinois I'm new to water softeners, in
Will Shiel
Oct 29

Re: German Beer RFC

Looks like Oktoberfest will be the choice. There is a recipie https://beerrecipes.org/Recipe/4060/sam-adams-octoberfest-clone.html
Oct 9

Re: German Beer RFC

Altbier or something from the weiss family (Weissbier, Dunkles Weissbier, or Roggenbier). From: "Richard Sheppard rlshep@... [SODZ]"
Bill Bopp
Oct 9

Re: German Beer RFC

You won't be able too get a good lager in that amount of time. I would just pick a Kolsch or Oktoberfest recipe and use a clean ale yeast like California Ale.
Richard Sheppard
Oct 9

German Beer RFC

I am looking to quickly make a German style beer. My tailgate group wants to have a Octoberfest theme tailgate for the Penn State game Oct 28. I told them I
Oct 9

Uptown Untapped

Volunteer sign-up continues for the first ever beer festival in downtown Westerville, on Saturday, Oct. 14th, from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM. We are half way to our
Sep 27

Hilliard Lowe's has Centennial plants for $3

Lowe's on Cemetery has a bunch of nice Centennial plants on clearance for $3. Cheers
Sep 23

Fw: Oktobersbest HBC Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Malt Infusers need help.  They currently only have 20 judges signed up for their competition on October 7th and that's only about half of what
Bill Bopp
Sep 19
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