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Virgin Mary, the mother of God.

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  • Sinu John
    Some days back an old American man and an Indian guy from Hyderabad had come to visit me in part of their mission to make others a Jehovah s witness. They
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2002
      Some days back an old American man and an Indian guy
      from Hyderabad had come to visit me in part of their
      mission to make others a Jehovah's witness. They
      argued with me about my faiths, and one among them was
      about St Mary and her virginity. They asked me why do
      we call St. Mary, the mother of God?. Other question
      was how she can be a virgin even after delivering
      I knew the bible Jehovah's witnesses use is a
      completely remade one in favour of them adding and
      deleting most of the part.
      One quick reference i could find to show them in
      answering their first question was:
      "How does it happen to me that mother of my Lord
      should come to me" (Luke 1:43) told by Elizabeth. If
      Elizabeth call her mother of God, then why we can't
      call her Mother of God?.Fortunately their bible also
      had this verses without much changes.
      Yes,she is the mother of God, but she was not the
      mother of God when the 'WORD'(Jesus) was formed from
      father.When the Word wanted to become body, He chose
      St. Mary. She carried Him in her womb, the Son of God,
      who is God. Thus she delivered God, Jesus Christ.
      Any body who delivers a baby, is called mother. Since
      St. Mary delivered Jesus, we call her mother of God.
      But for people who do not believe Jesus as
      God,(Jehovah's witnesses)she is not the mother of God.
      Why do we seek the intercession of St. Mary?. To
      answer this we have many references and one among the
      many is the first miracle did by Jesus, converting
      water into wine. Jesus did the first miracle through
      the intercession of St. Mary!. She informed Jesus
      about lack of wine for the party and she was very
      confident that Jesus can find a solution for it!. Yes,
      is she asks something, he will answer it definitely!.
      She is the blessed. She was the choosen woman for God
      to come to earth. That is why we believe in her
      The second question was about her virginity even after
      giving birth. My answer was that nothing is impossible
      for God. God made everything in the world including
      the virginity for women. He knows how to keep the
      virginity of the mother of God even during the
      delivery of Jesus, God himself. We sing in our Holy
      Qurbana 'Mulmara meriyatheruthi than naduvil kandathu
      pol.....vratha mudrakkundayilla'. Just like the thorn
      tree flaming without burning, as seen by the Moses,
      Jesus came into the womb of St. Mary and became man.
      The tree didn't turn into ashes and the same way the
      virginity of the St. Mary was not lost. Nothing is
      impossible for God!.
      "Hail Mary Full of grace, Our Lord is with thee.
      Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit
      of thy womb, our Lord, Jesus Christ. O Virgin Saint
      Mary, O Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at
      all times, and at the hour of our death. Amen."

      Sinu John
      NMSU, USA.
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