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    TOTUS TUUS MARIA The oriental Orthodox tradition venerates Mary Theotokos more than any other tradition, Latin included. The fast and feast connected with the
    Message 1 of 51 , Aug 2, 2002
      The oriental Orthodox tradition venerates Mary Theotokos more
      than any other tradition, Latin included. The fast and feast
      connected with the Soonoyo has been with us for almost 1500
      years while the Roman Church declared the Dogma only in 1950.

      Mary is our mother and mediator. She does not displace her Son
      who is the unique mediator between man and God, but she complements
      and supplements in a mysteriously supportive role. John who wrote the
      Gospel to bring in perfection to the synoptics and to supply significant
      omissions refers to the Cana Miracle as THE FIRST sign. That miracle
      has two essential meanings besides what we always hear in sermons.
      Firstly, the intercession operates only when we obey the intercessor,
      in this case Mary, who commands us to do whatever her Son bids. Secondly
      when we are asked to fill with water we have to fill to the brim.No space
      is to be spared.To my mind the most tragic figures in the New Testament
      are (1) the guy who smuggled himself in without proper clothes to the
      durbar of the king and (2) the guy who was thrown out for keeping safe
      the only talent he had been given! The second case is relevant when we
      think of the second aspect I mentioned supra, " fill to brim". We should
      hold nothing back. This morning I preached a sermon in a Catholic church
      here and in passing said all of us Syrian Christians( Catholic, Orthodox,
      Marthoma, CSI) can do with two names, Ananias for men and Saphira for
      women, because we always hold back something. Let us this fasting season
      introspect and ensure that we " fill to the brim". Let us use the next
      12 days to assess ourselves how far we follow the 10 + 2 commandments
      in our daily lives, using the Sermon on the Mount and the commandments
      of the Church tradition as torches to illumine our interiors to check
      whether we obey Mary's Son without reservation and whether we fill the
      jars to the brim when he asks us to fill.

      Mary is the Perpetual Virgin. Mary is the Mother of God because her
      child was God. Mary is the unique intercessor with her Son. In our
      churches we never see Mary portrayed alone; she is always with the
      Infant. Also in our tradition we do not use the icon of the Holy Family;
      in fact barring the one at Kottayam we have no St. Joseph's church
      anywhere as far as I know. These features do not detract from the
      position of Mary or Joseph. Mary is justified only if she is with the
      Infant; without Him she may be holy and saintly but her uniqueness
      comes from the Infant, the only "child" who had the power to choose
      His mother; we may choose the mothers of our children but we have no
      way to choose our own mothers; God had that opportunity and he chose
      Mary " from all generations". And Joseph is sort-of "de emphasised"
      not because we do not venerate him, in fact on all feasts of Mary in
      the SAADEEKO we traditionally remember Joseph, but the de emphasis is
      to re emphasise the virgin birth and Mary's perpetual virginity.

      In our tradition the two recitals at the time of death are the Creed and
      the Hail Mary. I recall how my wife died in my hands as I was saying the
      Hail Mary and had come to, " and at the hour of death". Mary is our
      strength. She is our refuge. She leads us to her Son in a way only a
      mother can do. May her intercession help us, as individuals, as families,
      as parishes and as church.

    • Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil
      Dear in our Lord, I read the many letters posted in this site upholding the values of christian witnessing in our society. All will agree that this is a shame
      Message 51 of 51 , Sep 9, 2002
        Dear in our Lord,
        I read the many letters posted in this site upholding the values of
        christian witnessing in our society. All will agree that this is a shame on
        all Christians but nobody is willing to to be patient and prudent.
        The recent problems are created on the basis of the finding of the supreme
        court that the election at the Parumala meeting was acceptable. This is in
        continuation to the finding of the Kerala High Court in the execution
        petition 2000 that the claim of the Catholicose faction that " the Malankara
        Metropolitanship of Mathews 11 Catholicose was accepted by the SC in 1995
        Judgement " was untenable. The above claim was grounded by the verdict of
        the SC to conduct an election under an observor to find whether he had the
        mandate of the people. This direction itself proves that the former claim
        was baseless.

        Now their claim that the SC has given Mathews 11 Catholicose all the
        privileges to enter any of the parish churches is meaningless.
        It is the age old tradtion of the Malankara Church that Any spiritual head
        should be invited by the parish through its vicar for a visit. This right
        itself is the core of all the privileges enjoyed by the parishes. Moreover
        it is the most inappropriate move from a spiritual leader to seek the police
        protection to enter a church agaist the wish of its members. Here all
        propriety of the meaning of the term 'Bava' (beloved father) is lost.
        Keeping aside all the legal claims and interpretations of the findings from
        the courts, I will say it is against all the norms of the human

        The most tragic part of the recent move is the after effects of the HATE
        CAMPAIGN that is taking place in various places. This will release the anti
        social and politicised elements in the community to utilise the oppertunity
        to win their game at the expense of the church and the bible. The stand of
        an uncontented UDF leader is the best example . He is using this oppertunity
        to spit scandalous words agaist his rivals.

        The media coverage for this unhappy episode also will at the end be agaist
        the goodwill of the Christian works in the society.

        Finally, the legal part should start again from the Additional District
        Court of Ernakulam,Commonly known as the 'PALLY KODATHI'.This was suggested
        by the HC recently that the Catholicose side can move an execution petition
        intead of seeking police protection from the court and the government. There
        is a pending execution petition filed as per the direction of the Division
        Bench of the Kerala High Court in 2000. The Judgement of the Supreme Court
        in 1995 should be implemented in its tatality and the implemenation is not
        only the authority of the Malankara Metropolitan but other points like (1)
        the spiritual supremacy of the Patriarch of Antioch, (2)The rights of the
        parish churches, (3)The extent of meaning of the Throne of St. Thomas,(4)
        The autocephaly of the Malankara Church! as it was claimed by the
        Catholicose group,(5)Can the Catholicose group withdraw the acceptance of
        the spiritual supreme of the church?, etc. are also dealt there. (If the
        Catholicose group has any right to withdraw the relations with the Patriarch
        why not the parishes too have that right to keep away from the faction
        headed by the same Catholicose?)

        The implementing should cover all the above points.
        If someone of acceptance will come forward and find these facts and try to
        make a converging point I am sure there will be meaningful peace in the
        God bless us.
        Kuriakose Corepicopa Moolayil
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