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What happened in St. George Orthodox Church, Parathode, Kanjirappally

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  • Varkey Titus
    Dear Moderators and members, Recently a message of Mr. Shabu A. Varghese as appeared in an IOC forum (copied hereunder) regarding the problem at Gracy
    Message 1 of 3396 , Feb 7, 2007
      Dear Moderators and members,

      Recently a message of Mr. Shabu A. Varghese as appeared in an IOC forum (copied hereunder) regarding the problem at "Gracy Memmorial Church" in Parathode, which was simply the distortion of facts. Hence may I put the facts right here.

      This is a church built by one late palampadom (I don't remmeber the name) who had two daughters and it is a family property and hence known as "Gracy Memmorial church". One of his daughters was married to an IOC hardcore fellow and he was controlling the affairs of the church as his private property for some time. Under his influence IOC priests started conducting services there. Since its establishment, it was Jacobite priests who served there, and L.L. Baselius Paulose II Bawa was the vicar of this church for many years when Bawa was a preist. Since the other daughter's husband who belonged to a Jacobite Church (Panampday Church) was a simple man he never went to quarrel with him. IOC fellow who was controlling it was manipulating the amount and hence a case was registered by the other daughter and the court appointed a receiver to control the financial matters. Finally the court recently gave a judgment in favour of the daughter who was with Jacobite Church (Her husband died some time back). She was in the process of implementing this judgemnet for some time. But since the church was under reconstruction (with her own money), services was not being held here for more than a year. At this period Mass was held in another place, but it was IOC priest who was offering Mass.

      Recently the consruction was completed and she wanted to reconsecrate it with H.B. Baselius Thomas I Bava and she was waiting for the appropriate time. Finally last week she went there with a priest appointed by Jacobite Church to conduct the services, but the other fellows opposed and the receiver and police came there. Hence there was a tension and receiver went with the key. She had already produced the court orders and she hopes that sooner Jacobite priest will offer Holy Mass there. In any way IOC cannot make claim to this church under any circumstances, as this is a personal property and the court has given orders in favour of the daughter who is with the Jacobite Church. The church's name itself reflect an individual's name - "Gracy Memmorial church". It stands by the KK road side and is in an attractive place. IOC has a big church nearby.

      It is true that IOC's priests was celebrating Holy Mass for some time before, but that was under the influence of the elder son-in-law only, who is a real goonda type character. Before IOC preists entered there, it was a Jacobite family property, and Late Lamented Baselius Poulose II Bava was the vicar there for many many years when Bawa was a priest. Now the problem happened when the daughter tried to reoocuupy the church as per a clear court verdict. Moreover Holy Qurbana was not being held here for some time now.

      On that day the Jacobite members went there for the Holy Qurbana, but it is totally wrong for Shabu Varghese to brand them as 'goondas'. It was IOC members who came in large numbers from the nearby IOC Church and created more scenes.

      I also request everyone to pray for the 'implementation of court orders', which is always propogated by IOC in many other churches.

      Varkey Titus
      St. Mary's Cathedral, Manarcad.

      Shabu A Varghese, Florida wrote in IOC forum:
      > Dear Members,
      > Parathode St. George Orthodox Church, Kanjirappally has been going
      > through Court cases regarding the ownership of the church and the
      > properties for many years. The church was built in 1950"s by Palampadom
      > family and Priests from Malankara orthodox Church has been conducting
      > Qurbana since then, under the trusteeship of the Palampadom family
      > memebrs. Recently a Receiver was appointed from Kottayam District Court
      > and a Priest to conduct the services was directly send by our
      > Catholicose from Kottayam Aramana. On 02/04/07 a Priest from Patriarchal
      > faction accompanied by some "Gundas" came to conduct service in the
      > church. The members of the church together with our Priest objected the
      > entry of the Patriarchal faction.
      > The Patriarchal faction arranged this drama and a large number of Police
      > force was also present. Our members very obliged by the words of the
      > Reciever agreed to close the church on Sunday (02/04/07) without
      > conducting holy Qurbana. The Orthodox members seeking to go to Court
      > for establishing Statusco for re-establishing rights.
      > Need everyones support and prayers.
      > Thanks
      > Shabu A Varghese, former member of St. George Orthodox Curch residing
      > now in Tampa, Florida
    • SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com
      Dear honorable members Greetings in HIS name To keep the forum debate s authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new
      Message 3396 of 3396 , Dec 31, 2017
        Dear honorable members

        Greetings in HIS name

        To keep the forum debate's authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new guideline.

        As per the new guideline from 26th of October 2004, we will not publish any messages without proper signature. Your signature should contain full name, family name, home parish, present parish attending along with proper references like that of the parish priest's; name, e mail address and telephone number, where we can verify the genuineness of the e mails.

        After the verification of your identity, we will provide a member ID Number which can be used as your signature for future postings and by member ID numbers we can verify your mails. However, If you want your name to be withheld from the messages published, we will comply to your request and then only the ID number will be published.

        These personal contact details will be stored in our database and will not be published in the forum.

        However, if you are hesitant to reveal the name and identity, you can still be a member of the forum and get the daily digests in your e-mail id supplied, if you wish so.

        This new guideline is applicable to all members, regardless of their Christian denomination.

        We hope our members will appreciate it and cooperate with us.

        Be with us and be part of us.

        In Our Lords Love
        For & on behalf of
        SOCM-FORUM Moderators

        Chev. Thomas Daniel (Reji)
        St.George Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church
        Cheppaud, Alleppy Dist, Kerala, India.
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