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Yuhanon Milithios and his Circus

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  • Chandy Samuel
    Today I read a message in the IOC forum posted by Yuhanon Milithios of Thrissur, saying that he created a mission church for some rebel Syrian Orthodox
    Message 1 of 3392 , Jan 10, 2007
      Today I read a message in the IOC forum posted by Yuhanon Milithios of Thrissur, saying that he 'created' a mission church for some rebel Syrian Orthodox people in America, under 'Thrissur diocese'!!! Really a funny news this seems to be.

      I can’t understand how can an IOC bishop of Thrissur diocese in Kerala who have no authority in America, can create a church under him in US!!! Did he have done this with the permission of IOC’s American bishops or the IOC Synod or Managing Committee? Is it is an approved policy of IOC Bishops to 'encroch' other dioceses of their own Bishops to form 'independent mission' Churches, which they see as a 'gold egg laying duck'??? Or is he trying to create a safe ground for himself? It could be so, as his big 'Trissur Diocese' is with only two churches and less than 1000 people, as per IOC's own calculations!!! Many IOC Churches in South are with more members than his 'Diocese'!! Even the present 'Aramana' is only an 'occupied' one!!!! So, for his survival, he has to do some circus!!!!

      If what I heard is correct, the rebel Syrian Orthodox Corepsicopa and a few people under him had earlier approached the Eastern Antiochean (Roum)Orthodox Church and also the Coptic Church, but both were reluctant to accept them. It may be after these failed attempts and because of their desperation, they fell into the trap of Yuhanon Milithios, who is also struggling to get a foot hold anywhere. In his message, Milithios mentioned that he was trying for this since few years!!!! I feel very pity of them.

      May be the present situation of Yuhanon Milithios forced him to proceed like this. He has now reached a situation where he has become isolated even in the Indian Orthodox Church, particularly after Paulose Milithios became the catholicos-designate of IOC. After being removed from thrikkunnathu seminary, our ex-bishop has requested the IOC leadership to get another diocese, but all the requests were said to have been rejected. (same is said to be the case of his friend, Nicholovos of US who demanded second position in US diocese when Mar Barnabas returns). It is said that he pleaded for educational institions first, then Kunnamkulam, then Delhi, Calcutta….. , but nothing was given to him. Instead he was asked to cater to the need of the churches in thrissur diocese which he had supposed to have brought with him, when switched sides in 1997. But anyone who knows Yuhanon Milithos knows that he is not a fellow who can live quietly. He always wanted to be in news and whenever he tried to do this, he had fell into a trap of his own. This is his experience from day one after he left the mother Church.

      The past history of Yuhanon Milithios tells us how he ditched our Patriarch who once helped him to have a better living and also helped to get higher education outside India. Those who want to know more about this Milithios must only have to enquire with his closest relatives who are there in kerala. Some time back one of our bishops told me about how sad the Patriarch was when he heard about Yuhanon Milithios ditching him. The Patriarch in a private conversation sadly told, “How can he (Yuhanon Milithios) do this to me” (The patriarch was obviously mentioning about the switching sides). H.H. has repeated this at least a few times. The bishop told me that tears were seen in the eyes of Patriarch when he told this. The patriarch was very sad indeed. It was that much the Patriarch loved this bishop, but unfortunately Yuhanon Milithios fails to understand all these; he seems to be interested only about his better future.

      Yuhanon Milithios has done all this for just ‘thirty silver coins’. But I am sure that this person’s actions will haunt him always. There is nothing greater than an innocent person’s tears and that too of a Holy father. The last 10 year’s history shows us how this Yuhanon Milithios who was once a king maker in IOC, become isolated himself in IOC these days. There is a rumour going on in IOC top circles that this Milithios along with one of his friends may go to Reeth Church soon, and he is at present doing all the ground works for it. Creation of a colony in US without the permission of IOC leadership points to this fact. But does he thinks that he can survive there also with his present character. His last 10 years shows us that he always starts everything like a bang and go wildly to achieve his goals, but within no time we can see him grounded. Look at the persons who were once close associates of this Milithios and check whether any of these persons still support him. Start from Adv. Renji (present AICC secretary) who along with him fought for the Jacobite Church in SC prior to 1995. Later it was the turn of Pampady Ramban of IOC who bought him to IOC and now we all know how he hates this Milithios. Then there is Manorma and Oommen Chandy. There is no doubt that a day will come soon when the rebellious Syrian corepsicopa too understands the real face of Milithios.

      At this moment we all can pray to God to show everyone the right path. There are living examples to this miracle in our Church itself.

      Chandy S Samuel

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      Dear honorable members Greetings in HIS name To keep the forum debate s authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new
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        Dear honorable members

        Greetings in HIS name

        To keep the forum debate's authenticity, we the moderators of this forum, have decided to implement a new guideline.

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