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Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century – Part 7 of 20

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    Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century ����� Part 7 of 20 Monk: I know that Mohammed ruled the Arabs, descendants of Ishmael. I confess too that he guided
    Message 1 of 3393 , Nov 22, 2006
      Christian - Muslim Debate in 12th Century � Part 7 of 20

      Monk: I know that Mohammed ruled the Arabs, descendants of Ishmael. I confess too that he guided the Arabs and passed them from idolatry to the acquaintance of God. But it is not true acquaintance because he intended to rule them in order to have them under his jurisdiction, much more than to give them information about the Creator. If you can be patient a little and calm yourself, I will give you a testimony on behalf of me and all Christians concerning your Prophet Mohammed, to let you know why we do not honor him or call him a Prophet or Messenger.

      Moslem: As the Prince allowed you to speak as you like and gave you security and permission to speak about Islam, you can say anything you want.

      Prince: ABU-SALAMAH, the Monk spoke as it is according to the truth and accepted by reason.

      ABU-SALAMAH: Give us what you have about Mohammed.

      Monk: You should know, ABU-SALAMAH, that Mohammed was of the tribe of Korish and a descendant of the tribe of Ishmael, son of Hagar the Egyptian, slave of Sarah, house of Abraham. He was an Arab nomad and camel driver. In his trips he went to Jerusalem, where he was welcomed by a Christian Nestorian, called Buhaira. When he asked Mohammed about his religion he found him to be of the pagans. Those were the sons of Ishmael. They worshipped an idol called AL-AKBAR. They used to put around him poems containing desire and love written on tablets that were hung over the idol. They served for prayers and had been called the seven "uruallakat." When Buhaira knew that Mohammed was from that tribe, he had sympathy for him, due to the similarity of language, friendship, and desire for knowledge. Then he read to him some chapters from the Gospels, the Bible, and the Psalms. When he returned home, he said to his friends, "Woe to you! You are in flagrant error and your worship is null and unprofitable." They told him, "What is your problem Mohammed? He answered, "I found the true God." They asked him, "What is his name?" he replied, "His name is ALLAH. He created heaven and earth and all the creatures in it. He sent me to you as a light and a sign of his compassion." They said, "Could you show him to us to know where he is?" he said, "He resides in heaven and sees all but he is invisible." They told him, "We have a god whom we worship and honor. We inherited this world from our ancestors who gave us the liberty to satisfy our desires with everything we own." Then Mohammed told them, "That one who sent me to you told me that he grants you what is better and greater than what you say." They asked, "What is it?" he said, "It is a paradise where he transfers you after your death. It contains food, drinks, and women." They asked, "What is the form
      of food, drinks, and women?" He replied, "Rivers of honey, milk, and wine, with beautiful women? There you will not be thirsty, nor full of tears." They said, "Are you the Messenger of God?" He replied, "Yes." They said, "We fear our god AL-AKBAR." He said, "Worship God and honor AL-AKBAR." Some of them said, "We believe in God. You spoke the truth." Then he passed through another group from Korish, Mohammed�s tribe. He later upset another group. Those people allowed their members to marry their own daughters and sisters. Those were their customs before they knew God. Mohammed wrote to Buhaira all what happened to him. Buhaira prohibited those customs and with great effort succeeded to draw them to the first cousins. When he got enough adherents from the Arabs and the aristocracy, some remained reticent. Then he desired the monarchy for himself and formed an armed detachment to fight his enemies and said, "Those who enter Islam will be safe." He said, "The nhabitants of heaven and earth entered Islam by their will and some by force." Then he attacked a group and intimidated another one and promised gifts to others and convinced another group with adorned words and caustic arguments. His goal was to rule them and rush them in order to reach the rest of the women, because he lusted for them greatly. He desired them to a high degree. In confirmation of that he was not satisfied with his numerous women, but he desired Zeid�s wife. When he saw her and took her from him by force, pretending that God gave her to him as a wife instead of Zeid. He spoke to his followers about this concern saying, "After Zeid had accomplished his desire from her, God gave her to me as a wife." He pretended that God inspired him to do so. But his followers said, "Messenger of God, what god granted you what is not permitted to anyone else?"

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