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Re: About the Throne & Re: Did the Holy Spirit CREATE the IOC? I regret that I must ask.

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  • Ronnie Daniel
    Dear Bobby, Sorry for making you angry. I think your attacks were all personal aimed at me rather than replying to the points I made. I beleive that it is
    Message 1 of 1469 , Oct 15, 2006
      Dear Bobby,

      Sorry for making you angry. I think your attacks were all personal
      aimed at me rather than replying to the points I made.

      I beleive that it is always good to have more than one opinion on any subject which will help us to learn. The main problem in our midst today is people are not willing to accept another persons opinion. Bobby, I dont know you and you dont know me. Still I am your enemy today as I expressed a different opinion than yours. I am in MOSC and you are in JOC. It shows the immaturity of the society as a whole. Of course we do disagree on certain beliefs. But, remember that we do agree on a lot more beliefs. So, instead of being angry on a few beleifs we disagree on; we should celebrate the things which we both beleive in. That is when we will be able to change the society.

      Yes, it is your forum. The Moderator has no problem with the views I have epxressed and he doesnt consider it as distroying your faith or beleief. I think that is why he is posting my emails. If you believe that your faith can be challenged by someone else; that is not real faith. That is false faith. I think you need to work with your faith first.

      WE are living in this world with so many different views and
      opinions. So, take it easy. If you want to reply to my post , do it with a cool mind. Take the anger out of the equation. Then you will feel happy. Also, dont think that you or me are the protector of the JSOC or MOSC. God is the protector of the church. God will provide the right solution at the right time. Have faith in HIM than on the meek souls living on this earth.

      You already know the answers to the qeustions you have raised.
      Therefore, I am not trying to reply.

      Bye the bye; I dont agree with all the histories written by the other person you mentioned in your email.

      Dear Roshan,

      There is no need to be angry and panicking. There are rights and
      wrongs on both sides. Unfortunatley we all are basing our arguments
      on history distorted for a long time for about 2000 years. Some of
      the histories were wiped out altogether. Most of the histories
      appearing on various websites about our history before the 16th
      century are just connecting the dots.. and facts and fictions mixed
      together. If we want to fight we can fight for another 2000 years with all the history materials available today.

      Neither side is willing to give in. Syrian church do not want to give in because every new fight is an opportunity for them to split the Malankara church and carve out a piece of the cake for them.

      MOSC do not want to give in because having a continued court case is
      the best bet for MOSC. Think about a situation where these two
      churches are split as JOC and IOC. JOC will be completely surrendered
      to SOC and will be quitely working similar to Knanaya or Simhasana
      churches. But, more disciplined as the sword is on their head all the

      Think about IOC. It will be a church of indiscipline with local
      leaders fighting one against the other. Kings and King makers will be
      born every day. Politicking and leg pulling will be the name of the
      game. More and more yellow jourlanists will appear on the scene
      fighting for one group or the other. A receipe for disaster. Far far
      away from spirituality. Meanwhile, one or more from the 21 Holy men
      will rise up again to support the Patriarch saying once upon a time
      he received a laying of hand from the Holy Patriarch. That will
      split IOC again.

      That means with MOSC it is either court case or Unity. Split is not
      an option. I too think it is the right strategy as if we keep on
      splitting like this a point will come in future we will have no
      India and more and more princly states ruled from Syria. Therefore, please stop being angry at one another. Discuss issues politely please.

      With prayers
      Ronnie Daniel
      ID # 2304

      Moderators Note:

      As we have quoted in our home page and logo, "disputes merely about words must note be suffered to divide those who think alike". We allow all our members, irrespective of SOC or IOC, to express their views on different issues discussed; but we have retained our right to disapprove messages that is against the core beliefs of the Syriac Othodox Church or if the discussions go beyond the limits of normalcy and are becoming more personal. As we feel this is a futile discussion with no spirituality, and is going on for long, we would like to end this discussion here.

      Once again, we request all members to adhere to the above norms and participate in the discussions in a spirit of love and with Holy Spirit's guidance.
    • SOCM-FORUM@yahoogroups.com
      Dear All in Christ Barekmore / Shlomo We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and
      Message 1469 of 1469 , Nov 18, 2007
        Dear All in Christ
        Barekmore / Shlomo

        We, Malankara Jacobite Internet Platform (http://www.socmnet.org), Syriac
        Orthodox Resources (http://www.sor.cua.edu) and Malankara Syriac Christian
        Resource (http://www.syrianchurch.org/) together are compiling the following
        informations to publish an online directory of Syriac orthodox Clergy.

        Please note that this project is not based on any official church directives.

        We request each and every one of our forum members to request all clergy you
        know, to provide the informations on the following format along with a
        photograph of the clergy, to soc.clergylist@... . If you are a third
        party providing these informations, then you must have clear consent from

        First Name:-
        Middle Name:-
        Last Name:-
        Family Name:-

        Place of Birth:-
        Date of Birth & Age:-
        Present Diocese:-
        Home parish:-
        Present parish:-

        Ordination date:
        Ordained by:
        Present Clergy Status:-
        (Mzamrono / Qoruyo / Apodiakno / Mshamshono / Archdeacon/ Qashisho /
        Sharwoyo /Dayroyo / Rabban / Cor episcopos)

        Do you have Professional and/or Decorative titles? Yes or No:-
        If yes, what is the Profession? (Dr. / Eng. / Prof. etc):-

        Email Id:-
        Contact Tel. number:-
        Postal address:-

        Any additional information to be published on line:-

        Be with us and be part of us

        In HIS Love
        Webmasters & Moderators
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