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Who is ignorant and dissuading other than Philip Oomman?

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  • Very. Rev. Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil
    Dear Oomman, I am very reluctant to write a reply to you because of your fixed attitude and arrogance in your unbiblical attitude. When someone tells you
    Message 1 of 3389 , Aug 24, 2006
      Dear Oomman,

      I am very reluctant to write a reply to you because of your fixed attitude and arrogance in your unbiblical attitude. When someone tells you biblically and logically that your statement is not true, you are tactfully evading that point and coming with the same argument with lame quotations or equations neglecting valid arguments before. All the Orthodox Fora now know your sectarian 'pastoral skill' of evading, persuading and misquoting the Holy Bible. You repeat your terminology like mathav worship, tomb worship, photo worship, etc. even when it is answered that such nonsense are never practiced in the church. You want again and again to stress that it is there and without it you cannot attack the church. You want to beat the goat by naming it a dog.

      I am personally very much wounded about your comment on my personal integrity and alluding me as one who hides the truth and as an honor monger. I am reproducing your own words,

      "Moolayil Cor Episcopa is shy to tell truth about God since he loves seat of honor"

      I don't want to make any personal justification on this comment other than pray God to be the Judge in between me and this comment.

      I am quoting St.Ambrose who taught the faith of the Church through centuries as a reply to Mr.Philip's false accusation on what our church teaches about St.Mary, Mother of God. " In St.Mary you may find a perfect model for your life, what to imitate, what to improve and what to hold fast to. " This is the crux of the Church's teaching. What these misinterpreters do is to create a smoke screen and then try to fight against the church behind that self created smoke screen. They attract the "ignorant and the innocent" who are/were lazy to learn the true faith of the church. When some of these ignorant guys falls pray to them, these cunning pastors "dip" them in muddy waters and make them "dead again" (claiming to be born again). Actually they were dead with ignorance about the true faith of the church and the Holy Bible and they are dead again with the false notions and one way prejudiced and arrogance attitude. The moment they are dipped in muddy waters they start thinking that they know everything and all they say are spirit filled and are the truth. Then they start throwing mud and disrespect to Church and saints.

      Have you ever noted the usage this Philip make about the Holy Virgin Mary? He says always 'Mathav'! Who is this Mathav? Is this not the Virgin Mary who was extolled by Elizabeth as " eme Daloho " (Ente Karthavinte Amma or the Mother of my Lord)?. Why this Philip and partisans are ashamed of calling St.Mary as the Mother of God? Is this not the extolling title given to St.Mary by Elizabeth when she was filled with the Holy Spirit? Why you, Philip and Pastors are ashamed of complying with the Holy Verse (Lk.1:48 'For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. ') to call St.Mary the blessed?.

      I have made it very clear in my former posting that we are not worshipping St.Mary. Worship is only due to God. Every woman in Church and every sensible person knows this teaching of the Bible and the Church. Philip is simply fighting behind this self created smoke screen. I think we should not spend our web space for this illusion maker.

      Philip says that,

      "No leader explain what God taught in Ex 20:1-3." you shall not make any idol in the form of anything in heaven,or on earth,or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them for I am the Lord your God am a jealous God punishing the children for sin of fathers to 3rd and 4th generation of those who hate me" He quotes this verse in his persuit to prove that the 'man made photo' at Manarcad is the point of worship there and it is against the bible. I will try to explain this.

      First and foremost this photo of St.Mary is not the point of worship at all!! The worship service there is centered in the Holy Eucharist. All the prayers in the Eucharist is only addressed to God. Then how can he say that at Manarcad or anywhere else the Church worship St.Mary? Have you listened to any of the prayers of intercession to St.Mary? It emphatically specifies for her prayers on behalf of the devotees with them and for them. None is praying to her.

      St.Mary is the model of dedication before God. She is the devotees imitation to follow Christ, our Lord. She is the ideal biblical figure to hold fast to the model of integrity to the commands of the Lord. When we are seeing the picture of St.Mary we are reminded of her high models. Her picture is not considered as a piece of worship or as an idol. Her picture is a pointer to her high praised qualities in spiritual life.

      What is an idol in the biblical perspective? It is any thing, object, person or even an idea that takes the role of God to be worshipped. Aaron made an idol to be worshipped which was punished by God and was properly chastised through Moses. Ex.20: 1-3 when read together gives a very clear perspective that ANY IDOL OR IMAGE SHALL NOT BE MADE TO BE BOWED DOWN OR WORSHIPPED.

      If we accept the interpretation of Philip, making of an image itself will become anti God or amounts to idolatry. Images can be two dimensional three dimensional or even without any dimension. An image can even be in the form of an idea in mind. There are hundreds of images in our 'think tank' or in our mind. Just ignite our thought it will flush into our conscience. It is all real! Can we live without 'making' these images? You look to a mirror! You are making your own image there. What is happening when you take a photo? It is a real image! Can we live without 'making' an image? Not at all !! Even God directed Solomon to carve images of Cherubim and others in the temple of God. This also mean that all these images and reflections shall not become an object of worship in the place of God.

      Forgetting all these bare facts these Philip and fellow pastors are minting derogatory interpretations. They use these falsehood to fight against the Church and fish from within the Church. I just pity this false interpreter.

      Philip goes on with his story to tell us that '100s of clergy go to Manarcad to lead ignorant and innocent people to worship a man made photo'. I am a clergy in this church since 1978 and a deacon from 1974. I have gone to Manarcad respecting the official invitation of the church authorities. I have never seen even tens of priests from outside that parish attending there. I have never seen any of the priests 'leading' innocent people to the photo there. I have delivered many meditation addresses there. I have never said anything about this photo there. Nor do I have heard others promoting this photo. This photo is even kept veiled during the initial days of the eight days lent. It is unveiled only for the last two days.

      I admit there are some emotional outbreaks from among a very very few of the devotees coming to Manarcad these days. Their frenzy is not because of the photo worship. But because of their emotional and psychological stress amassed during the days of long fasts and devotions. This may be due to the ecstasy or may be the superficial spirituality. Who are we to judge these minds, seems to be in the spiritual stress? Let God be the judge to them. Let us not sit on the judgment seat.

      I have seen and heard about much more frenzy and fierce emotional outbreaks from the so called 'Pentecostal', 'dead again' and 'dipped again' christians, to which Philip and partisans are seemingly attached.

      I can assure that none there at Manarcad leads or promotes "photo worship".

      The following sentence from Philip is another trait of Philip and his pastors. He raises curses and threats like the following, "Result will be people who do such things will be punished for generation for disobedience of Gods 2nd law." God is a cruel revenger, according to Philip. No, Mr.Philip, God is not an afflicter and cursor. He is the loving Father. He waits not to punish, but to the return of the evil doer. God and heaven is rejoicing and waiting for them to confess. You are thoroughly mistaken and you have understood bible message in its misinterpretations. You are a fighter behind the smoke screen.

      Please be patient, prudent and humble to understand the teachings of the Church.

      Yes. We are members of an apostolic church. Follow the apostles, not false teachers and false propagandists like Mr.Philip and fellow Pastors.

      Lovingly, Moolelachen.

      PS. I am not interested and I don't have time to engage in an unending, unproductive debate with Mr.Philip.
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