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RE: [SOCM-FORUM] Re: New Constitution & the future

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  • jacob.joshua
    Dear Mr Thomas, Your question is genuine and natural. The existing constitution you mean is the 1934 constitution ? If so, the very nature, genesis and the
    Message 1 of 91 , Jul 11, 2002
      Dear Mr Thomas,
      Your question is genuine and natural. The existing constitution you mean is
      the 1934 constitution ? If so, the very nature, genesis and the existence
      of that 1934 constitution is completely wrong. This was formed by the
      Orthodox faction alone and passed by them for the benefit of Vattipanam.

      The Church is 2002 years old. Untill 1934 there was no constiution for the
      Church. The Canons were formulated in AD 325. But from the day one there
      was the Church based on the preachings of Jesus Christ, the Disciples,
      Gospel Proclaimers, etc. and the traditions and conventions of the early
      Christian Fathers and Bishops, Rambans, Monks, etc. The Holy Bible says that
      there were lot of other things which were not written in the Bible, but the
      same were followed by the early Christians through their generations.

      As far as the Orthodox faction is concerned, their faith and the church is
      based on the 1934 constitution. This is their Bible. They will accept Jesus
      Christ, Patriarch, Catholicose/Malankara Methran, Bishops, Priests and laity
      purely on the basis of their constitution. They are not bothered about the
      faith or Holy Church. They are worried about the properties of the
      faithful. They don't realise that the Church is holy and it comprises of the
      laity (both living and departed souls) and the clergy and the presence of
      the Holy Trinity is unavoidable for its existence.

      When the sabha case judgemnt was delivered in the year 1995, our faction
      could not produce any constiution, while the orthodox faction was able to
      produce one. Likewise, Knanaya community, simhasana churches, and
      evangelical association were able to produce constiutions. Some of the
      Parishes were also able to produce constitutions and all of them were told
      to act according to their constitutions. When the Court interfers they need
      written rules and regulations. The honourable Court agreed to our suggestion
      of adequate representation in the 1934 sabha constitution as it was found
      common due to the fact that the first para of it says that the Patriarch of
      Antioch & al the East is the supreme head of the Malankara Church and the
      Malankara Church is a part of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church. The
      orthodox faction which controlled the local administration of the Church
      acts just opposite to their own constitution. Constitution makers are the
      first who break it. Even the amendments as directed by the Supreme Court
      should bave been presented and passed by a Malankara Association Meeting
      attended by both the Jacobite and Orthodox factions. They always act
      contrary to the constitution. e.g. Parumala Meeting on 20.3.02. (This was
      totally illegal and manipulated. The Observer was partial and not listening
      to the complaints, which he was supposed to do as an impartial observer
      deputed to conduct free and fair election of the Malankara Metropolitan. No
      other business could have taken place in that meeting except the election of
      Malankara Metropolitan as per the Supreme Court Order dated 28.11.2001.
      The Orthodox faction flashed the Court Order incomplete as certain words and
      corrections were missing in their reporting the order.

      Orthodox faction wish that the entire parish properties of the Jacobites and
      the people should join them, except Mor Dianysious Thomas,
      Catholicose-designate of Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church. They
      got nearly two dozen Bishops. All of them together cannot match Mor
      Dianysious. Spiritually, leadership-wise and organizing-capacity-wise His
      Grace Mor Dianysious is far superior than any of their Bishops and their
      Malankara Methran. They know and realise this undigestable truth.

      The constitution now adopted by the Jacobite Church in Malankara is a
      modified version of the Constitutions made by Mor Athanasious and later by
      Perumpally Thirumeni in 1993. At that time, we could not pass it because of
      the stay order from the court on the appeals made by Orthodox faction.
      The present constitution is based on the various Court orders delivered from
      time to time and emphasise that the Parish is for the Parishioners and the
      Parish is governed by its own members in all the temporal matters and
      complete inner democracy is granted. All the Jacobite churches in the
      Malankara Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church except the Evangelical Association
      of the East, Simhasana Churches and the Knananya Diocese are members of this
      Jacobite Syrian Christian Association. It is a continuation of the Syrian
      Christian Association formed in 1876 at Mulanthuruthy by H.H. the then
      Patriarch of Antioch & All the East, Moran Mor Ignatious Peter III.

      As the unification of both the factions of the Malankara Syrian Church has
      become impossible, the only peaceful solution will be to allow the faithful
      to select their way. Acording to the Supreme Court Order, there is only one
      Church and the Supreme Head of that Church is His Holiness the Patriarch of
      Antioch & All the East, the Malankara Church is a division of that Universal
      Church. Therefore, the Indian Orthodox Church by claiming independence has
      gone out of this Universal (Catholic) Church. The Jacobites can not go out
      of this ancient Syrian Church and they have decided to remain loyal to the
      Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church.

      Let us pray to God Almighty for a peaceful solution to this conflict in the

      In Christian love
      Jacob V Joshua, New Delhi
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      Dear SOCM forum members, According to the Mangalm Daily , the declaration of ordination of Mor Dionysius Thomas as Catholicose of Malankara Jacobite Church is
      Message 91 of 91 , Jul 23, 2002
        Dear SOCM forum members,

        According to the "Mangalm Daily", the declaration of
        ordination of Mor Dionysius Thomas as Catholicose of
        Malankara Jacobite Church is going to be on 28th Friday.

        Mor Divanyisos and Mor Gregarious are in Damascus. And the
        Church trusty Mr. T. George returned to Kerala.

        News in Malayalam please visit http://www.mangalam.net/

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