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Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Fwd: Discussion with HH the Patriarch, and some Facts

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  • dipu george
    shlomo, its high time i think to put matters straight here. It really was a pity to read that article by Dr Babu Paul. Little does this once illustrious son
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 28, 2002


      its high time i think to put matters straight here.

      It really was a pity to read the posting by Dr Babu Paul in I.O F.

      Little does this "once" illustrious son of the syrian orthodox church realise to what lowest extent he has stooped himself now.

      Let me put this straight

      As much as we love to see our prodigal metran kakshi brothers returning to the true fold for the sake of unity its their hidden sinister motives that we are paranoid about.

      Imagine calling that ThomasPA1 as our brother or for that matter recieving that Fr Thomas Kottapuram into our fold!!!??

      This is a true incident which i feel every single jacobite in this forum barring the metran kakshis should tell in their household over dinner time when we discuss bible stories and� i hope will put the true picture of the circus happening before our eyes here in kerala and the puppet show that took place at TDM Hall in EKm the other day.

      its� a diabolic incident feauturing our star of the show Mathews2 himself.

      Before i relate the incident i will try to reveal the true nature of this self alleged catholicose of devalokam and the metran kakshis and� one whom Dr Babu Paul thinks is a "man of God"!.

      He never has been ordained in the true apostolic order of antioch. all his ordination has been at the hands of metran kakshis themselves. His amologia probably never contains any allegiance to Antioch.

      Never once has he said that the patriach was the supreme head of the church ..rather he was cheeky enough to say he considers the Patriach as his "brother" and that the Patriach is only a member of tha malankara church!!.

      During the days of Augen catholicose when our Patriach the late lamented HH Moran Mor Ignatius Yacoub3 send a letter regarding the usage of the title of the throne of St Thomas the former's reply ( which was in the most disrespectful tone-i personally doubt if the catholicose ever got to read that letter !!) never contained his signature ...rather it was signed by Mathews Athanious(mathews1) and Mathews Koorilos(mathews2). This itselfs prove the real nature of the present catholicose.

      One saw his real color when he fumed and banged his fist against the jacobite church and the state governmemt

      can we trust this man ......no.....the following will prove my point.

      The diabolic incident............at a room in the devalokam aramana itself.

      the committee meeting comprising the stalwarts of the metran kakshi community....... the purpose - to install the next catholicose...

      the will paper was prepared and read out ( mathews2 was present along with the Mr. KM Mathew and Mr. PCAbraham)

      in which it stated that mathews1 was relinquishing his title out of his own free will and endorsing mathews2 as the next catholicose.

      After appproval the chemmachen was instructed to bring in the former catholicose in to the room.

      The poor fellow was wheeled into the room and was read the will� and with impunity the chemmachen promptly took the thumb impression onto the will papper inspite of the mathews1 mumbled protests ( for the poor man was paralysed and he couldnt speak against this decision- ........history repeated itself that day when we recall the similar treatment those devils meted out to the honest Augen Catholicose- no pure and true orthodx church ever had this tradition before - it was the invention of the metran kakshis�themselves -� God forbid such tradition befalling the jacobites...for we all will boil in hell if we ever do this!!!)

      and also the fact that the name of mathews1and therefore mathews2 is historically wrong for there was an earlier catholicose in middle east by the name of Mathews . so u see this catholicose should have been mathews3 instead of 2 and his predecessor ahould have been mathews2. do we need to recite this�inauspicous name in�the tubdens of the jacobite churches??

      Materialism�has overtaken the metran kakshi church ...do we need to have a part in that?

      The last shred of the true faith in� malankara is the umblical relationship with the antiochian church...do we need to forsake??

      The metran kakshis are a fatherless lot and so rightfully they can only do fatherless things!!

      what Knayamparambil Achen said during the puthencruz meet- " what will be the fate of the son who tries to make his father his brother!!? and also ..the fate of the son who tries to set juridiction for his father within his father's own house??� he refered to none other than the metran kakshis themselves.

      how can we have union with those morons where two generations of them have been taught lies in their sunday schools!!

      it will be a herculean rask to sort out such illegalities.?

      the truth is� the metran kakshis themselves dont want reunion ...rather they want to grab more properties ( like the last time) before the eventual split iniated by themselves.

      its a pity Babu Paul trying to put sand in his Community's eyes.

      the contents of the article was clear as who is a true saint. Our Patriach is indeed a living saint ,. there is no doubt about it.

      He was ordained ..the cheif celebrant being the late lamented catholicose HB Moran Mor Baselios Paulose2.

      Whom do we consider the true catholicose- mathews1 or HB Paulose2??. in our eyes the�late lamented HBMMPaulpose2 was the real catholicose . his saintly life is testimony to this fact and� moreover we have an obligation to this spiritual father . His last words for the faithful was to love the antiochean church like the apple of one's own eye.He also said that the antiochean church is our mother . should we forget his words?

      Need we have to embrace Manorama into our jacobite community as a result of the union....need we?

      I hope i am not prophecising when i say that u could probably hear of the installation of thimotheus as their next catholicose following the retirement of the present one from his post!!!

      Its our conscience we should trust and not to any ones language.

      nothing more to pen

      we leave our conscience to decide our allegiance.......

      aloho ahmuch

      dipu george

      "Mathews K George"@... wrote:

      Dear members,

      This is posting from Dr. Babu Paul wrote in one of the Indian Orthodox Forum

      ..., Dr. Babu Paul wrote:
      This morning I had a long chat with HH the Patriarch. Of course I
      cannot reveal what the topics we discussed were,so sharing tidbits
      may be good; e.g.� it may be of interest for IOF members to know...
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