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Liturgical Hymns being disfigured - VISWASA SAMRAKSHAKAN

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  • Mathew G M
    All, I read the article Vikalamaakkappedunna Aaradhana Sangeetham (Liturgical Hymns being disfigured) by Dr. Paul Samuel, Trivandrum in the April 16-30
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2006

      I read the article "Vikalamaakkappedunna Aaradhana Sangeetham"
      (Liturgical Hymns being disfigured) by Dr. Paul Samuel, Trivandrum in
      the April 16-30 edition of VISWASA SAMRAKSHAKAN.

      I agree 100% with the author. People with no training what so ever in
      the musical tradition of the church, is imitating cinema music tunes
      and incorporating it into our liturgical music. Even when the hymn is
      chanted in the traditional way, lots of musical intruments are used,
      drowning the words and the meaning of the songs.

      I hear people complain about our liturgy being very long. The use of
      instruments in songs lengthens the duration of the songs and there by
      our Liturgy even further.

      Now days it is almost impossible to find the liturgical hymns of our
      church sung in its original tune without loud cinema style orchestra.
      You can get many cassettes / CD's or even mp3 versions of the hymns
      online. All of them are in different tunes, and have very loud and
      distracting beats.

      The author suggests that our Bishops and leadership should act. My
      question is can the members of this forum do something about this. I
      am sure we have musically talented individuals among us. We have
      learned clergy who are trained in the correct way to chant these
      hymns. Can't we take the initiative to record our liturgical songs
      (Qurbana, Daily Prayers, Holy Week etc) in Malayalam as mp3 in its
      original tune, with out musical instruments and post it on the
      website of SOCM ? We might even be able to release a CD.

      This would give everyone a chance to enjoy these hymns in its
      original tune with out the drums and organ drowning the words. Then
      people will realize what they are missing in their churches, and
      individual parish choirs will change.

      I don't have the talent to sing neither am I trained in the musical
      tradition of the church. If I was, I would have volunteered to lead
      this. However if there is someone leading this and need any monetary
      contributions, I would be more than willing to contribute with in my
      humble limitations.

      I sincerely hope, that someone will come forward to take the lead on

      In Christ,
      Mathew G M
      Member ID # 0929
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