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Re: Change MOSC Catholicos Title and change Name of Church

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  • Robin
    Dear Mike, Gigi, and brothers and sisters of the SOC, I am in complete agreement with Gigi s comments. Thank you for explaining about the political situation
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2006
      Dear Mike, Gigi, and brothers and sisters of the SOC,

      I am in complete agreement with Gigi's comments. Thank you for
      explaining about the political situation that P.C. Alexander was in
      because I am not really knowledgeable about Indian politics, but it
      really shed light into his baseless and ignorant remarks.

      I think it is a disgrace that they should even degrade the Syrian
      language of the forefather. Our great saint Gregorios Thirumeni was
      an eminent scholar of Syriac language and history. Not to mention
      the Syrian language is still much alive in all Orthodox churches in
      India because all Priests are still reciting it on Sunday. Maybe
      P.C. Alexander should go tell the Hindus in India how to run their
      religious instituition and leave Orthodoxy to the true faithful.

      What surprises me is that people actually defend P.C. Alexander's
      ideas and totally disregard the history of our Malankara Church.
      Even now, there are multiple arguments in ICON by MOSC people saying
      that Malankara Church is distinctly Indian and we should be proud of
      being Indian. I am not against being a patriotic about ones country,
      but where does nationalism stop and church begin? I was born and
      brought up in America, why do I need to carry this Indian National
      Banner as suggested by others? I am a Syrian Christian before I am
      Indian. I really wonder how much Indian culture has really
      influenced the Orthodox Church in India, other than using a minnu and
      giving a sari to the bride during the wedding service, where has our
      liturgy been "Indianized".

      I am in total agreement that the Syrian name will never be removed
      from the church, not because of loyalty or history but because of
      1934 constitution and it might hinder the ownership of churches by
      the MOSC. Its just depressing that people in the MOSC can not see
      these things and just blindly justify these arguments and ideas for
      the sake of an argument against the SOC.

      I am a MOSC member; I attend a MOSC church, and was baptized in
      Parumala Palli. It did take me time to realize the truth and I hope
      more people will see the truth, that the Orthodox church in India is
      an integral part of the SOC and the Holy Patriarch is the rightful
      head and accepting these things does not in anyway alienate or
      degrade the Indian culture or people, it only strengthens the idea
      that Christ has not boundaries or culture. Christ is universal, and
      the SOC lives by that motto.

      Thank you and God Bless,
      Your servant in Christ and Faithful of the SOC and the Holy
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