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Re: Status Of Patriarch

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  • CJ Varughese
    Dear All, This has reference to message no.5 in ICON Digest No. 1854, by HG Job Mar Philexinos, a Metroplitan of Delhi as response rejoinder to Bro. Robin Mani
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2006
      Dear All,

      This has reference to message no.5 in ICON Digest No. 1854, by HG Job Mar
      Philexinos, a Metroplitan of Delhi as response rejoinder to Bro. Robin Mani
      on Status of Patriarch.

      As your grace mentioned Mr. Robin had been tutored to narrate it so. If
      somebody tell the truth, it is stamped as tutored, but for last few decades
      lot of people from your side tried the tutoring but it couldn't reach the

      While reading through the contents I wonder how our bishoprics have fallen
      down. We wouldn't wonder if such a response came out from a lay man, but a
      Metropolitan, stationed at the capital of our great nation. How such a
      personality can do justice to his job as an ambassador of a million or more
      Orthodox faithfuls of Malankara, and what impression he can create in the
      public mind.

      HG retorts :
      >(1) If you say that Our Lord�s saying about thrones is about heavenly
      thrones how come then that Pope and the Patriarch sit on the throne of
      St. Peter? Are they here sitting on the heavenly throne of St. Peter? If
      Peter has one certainly Thomas too has another one. As I mentioned in
      my previous posting that Peter and Thomas were people who had not even a
      stool to sit while they were alive>

      His referece to a Thomas and Peter really pained me a lot, if these two
      names stand for Apostles St. Thomas and St. Peter. As an Orthodox faithful
      we always spell their names as St. Thomas and St. Peter, but from a high
      priest these apostles did not find a honorable mention of their names, and I
      wonder how he can defend for the Malankara Church. In the mean time he
      didn't forget to mention HG as a suffix to his name and use his name as Mar

      We, the layman of Malankara do not need any new history for the
      establishment of a Catholicate. It was all written by our Great Grandfathers
      very well. I learned the Church History authored by late Rev.Fr. David
      Corepiscopa of Chandanappally, and heard it from late Augen Bawa, who was
      the chief celebrant of a St. Ignatious Cross consecration at a place near
      Pathanamthitta in July 3, 1969. During that period the pentecostals started
      their work in our place, and lot of Orthodox believers started leaving the
      Church. Augen Bawa very clearly declared in public about getting our faith
      from the Holy See, and how Malankara Church was blessed with a prelate like
      HH Yakub-III, described HH as a Massiha of Peace. The then Catholicose HH
      Baseliose Augen was very proud of being a Syrian Orthodox, and even he
      described in detail about his stay at the Patriarchate Palace at Damascus
      and Mardin. The HH Augen was neither on a throne, nor the head of Indian
      Orthodox, but only Catholicose of East, and Malankara Metropolitan for the
      Malankara Syrian Christians.

      We, the laymen give great respect to HGs and believed them too much, but
      every one of them betrayed the truth, and destorted the fact, and hence the
      birth of the current IOC doctrine. Out of the 4000 odd members of the ICON,
      how many of them prophesy about the newly created IOC doctrines, a handful
      of them, including your Grace, 1/2 priests, and 3/4 laymen stationed at far
      way places. They do not have to face the ground situation, all these people
      will have a creative communication skill, and hence whatever they produce by
      their expertise is being transmitted as the truth. Including Your Grace know
      these are not the facts.

      Another thing Your Grace emphasising was the vanishing game. The same game
      is applicable to Your Grace or those who propagate a new doctrine are facing
      hundreds of Malankara Churches. There the constitution of sc ruling will not
      work, only the people's will and wish only work. You can't dream of entering
      any of these churches. If the SC ruling is in your favour, as you propagate,
      why even after 11 years of its outcome, none from your flock couldn't
      succeed in snatching away the people's right of worship of their choice. You
      can't deny the relationship of Malankra Church with the Universal Syrian
      Church, or severe your spiritual ties with it, if you do so, you may have to
      vacate all the Church properties you hold currently. You do not want to
      loose the properties under your control, but snatch your neighbour's also.
      Here your neighbours are poor JSC people, who can realise the call of their
      true shepherds, and hence your design couldn't find fruit. This you feel as
      a failure, and you do not want to take responsibility of this, but try to
      put the blame to the Kerala Govt., especially to the CM, a true faithful of
      our Orthodox Church. Instead of being felicitated him, your leadership is
      trying to tarnish his image of the best ever CM Kerala has ever seen. Pl.
      remember that there is super Constitution passed by the Indian Parliament,
      and it guarantee every citizen's right to choose his right of religious
      freedom, and the constitution of 1934 do not have any weight over that.

      During this lentern period, it would not have been nice to say all this
      thing. But a high-priest of an Orthodox church, without having any such
      feeling, put all such blemishes, only prompted me to put a message like
      this. I see pardon from moderators and reader for this lapse of mine.

      With regards,
      CJ Varughese
      Member ID 1012
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