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Rich becoming rich, triggering spurt in crimes ! (Ref. Message#8074)

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  • Babu Jacob Nadayil
    Dear Moderators & Respected Readers, It is a very rare subject Mr.Chandy Samuel brought to this Forum from a clipping of the Indian Express. The news
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2006
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      Dear Moderators & Respected Readers,

      It is a very rare subject Mr.Chandy Samuel brought to this Forum
      from a clipping of the Indian Express.

      The news indirectly exhorts that the one-sided economic growth in
      Kerala is the reason for all major atrocities and public
      misbehaviors in our birth state. When talking about the economic
      flourishing and growth we must look into the sources as to how we
      attained this extra-ordinary growth comparatively in a shorter
      period. In other words, which sector of the population is fostering
      the economic improvement of Kerala? I would say it is nobody other
      than the non-resident sons and daughters of malayalakkara who take
      all kind of pain to earn their living in foreign lands and painfully
      setting aside their savings to partake in the aforesaid economic
      fostering. It is NOT the industrial development of the state that
      fostered this progress as no such things are allowed to happen there
      by the political fanatics. It is definitely NOT the hard work of
      any section of people who live there and enjoying the land that
      fostered this process. I am not trying to offend anyone but to state
      the truth as it is with hesitation. The major part of the
      inhabitants of the State thinks that the NREs are just loafers and
      easily heaping up wealth in the foreign lands. They do not have a
      clue how their fellow beings earn living in various alien lands
      around the globe. Their attitude and demands of "why don't you
      lavishly give us" towards the NREs is the proof to justify my
      statement. Again, it is definitely NOT the politicians or the
      various governments that ruled the State of Kerala from 1957
      fostered the economy as they were only the partners of a
      play, "tearing of the God-given resources and blessed good will of
      the silent mass".

      Coming to the subject, I would say that the political adultery and
      the governmental mishandling of matters is the main cause of all
      major problems in our State of Kerala. If the governments
      methodically handled the economic affairs of the state using the
      investments in the financial systems, there wouldn't have been a
      canyon between the investors (I don't call them all rich as in the
      news) and the in-state working class. Any new projects whether
      industrial or otherwise were ever allowed to toddle or prosper in
      Kerala by the political mongers? Why blame the rich for the
      present predicament of our mother state?

      Now I would appeal this to all concerned. Right now another chance
      is again in front of us, the General Election. For those who are
      home and have rights to cast their votes, this is the right time to
      use your discriminatory power in choosing a right government to
      handle the affairs of the State of Kerala. Forget all the political
      affiliations, USE YOUR POWER and choose those who can render their
      selfless service for the betterment of the land. Drive out all the
      political mongers from their kingdoms. After all, having an ideal
      government by the people, for the people and of the people is not an
      imperialistic idea.

      Babu Jacob Nadayil,
      New York.
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