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Re: Gulf recruitment of JSC clergy & values

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  • Abin
    Dear Jacobite syriac Brothers and sisters I am abin george from Kothamangalam, Before a long run i wrote some articles in our forum, and i stopped, but still i
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2006
      Dear Jacobite syriac Brothers and sisters

      I am abin george from Kothamangalam, Before a long run i wrote some articles in our forum, and i stopped, but still i am a silent reader. Thanks for Babu. For ur description, i encouraging u for this because most of us are not ready to say like this, because of many many reasons.. I think u can understand why i say..

      I like to say i got job in outside state and now i am in other state. after reached here in state XXXXX, i tried to see a church of ours. After a time i heard that there is a church of ours in the city and i went over there, saw the priest.Next days i told all the jacobites that i found a church of ours and come over there. This church is at a distance of 6 km from our home. On the way churches of catholic, CSI, etc... all are there. Do u wants to know what our beloved jacobite fellows replied?? Wat is the need of going there?? near church of indian otho is there, can all go there?? wat is the diff between these two?? a long list of questions are there.. You have to understand one thing is these all from the tounges of employees whose parents relatives are very acting persons in church at kerala. also close relatives of well known priests at kerala too..

      Some employees participated in holy Qurbano for 2 weeks and they too go out and going in other churches church. I know that telling all these things are just waste and only use is waste my time.

      Do u know the reason why they all left ?? reason is our church is toooo far... and after mass around 11:00 . so they cany go here and there.. Ya see the modern faith......

      I know that why all these are happenengs.. At the end when our Lord comes, he already said, He cant see faith in any one... So these all must happens...

      i know while reading all the opp. faction is happy, because , devil is always looking for the fall of church.. No, never, u Dont expect that.

      The other interesting one also i like to tell is, after few sudays, i got some persons as friends there. then one person told me do u know an altar boy?? ya, i replied. then he told me actually he is an indian orthodox.. Ya Our priest allowed this too!!!!!! Where is the faith>>>Ohh i am soo sorrry that these all are a part of "Ecumenism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " ya good idea... All the holy fathers are fooolllsssss.... they didnt know this idea..... but new generation found out this.... otherwise we can see nestorians, arioseres all are in one platform !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... So i didnt tell anything to that priest...because i know that is of no use.

      You plz my dear brothers and sisters, Think wat is the need of faith?? wat is the need of keep this??
      The actually faith keeping duty for the poor peoples and fame for great...
      See in case of case with marthoma church, i think u all know our all forefathers suffer a lot.... Then wat happening now?? Their bishops are invited to give messages to our faithfuls. Their priests are teaching us and our deacons.

      Also in case of CSI church, At one of our church their priest was invited for a talk and he participated in the qurbano, by standing in the altar!!!!!!!! a real cotradiction..... Ohh forefathers of us are againg get fooled.... For them every day is April fool......

      Before 2 years i went for the meeting of Youth Asso. at that time one of our eminent leader told,,, What all happens i will not leave our church!!!! Do u know a cotradiction. This leader have 2 daughters, 2 were married to Indian orthodox.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think his great person need heaven but not allow children to enter there tooooooo.

      Any way i decided one thing before found the church. I keep one computer and CD's of the Holy Qurbano of our HH Patriarch along with me. If didnt found any church here then i can use this... i believe God is along with me...

      If our church wants improvement then Shut UP that nonsense Ecumenism. Then rest ur choice. and work for the church.
      All our church represenatives went for the WCC, then wat happened?? Ya all proved that Syriac Orthodox Church members are very very intellingent... Plz Use these intelligence in our church. Then the outsiders will beleive in our church and may enter to Lords Church. We church members wants this. We know that Fr. George Nalumnakkel is a well known scholar. And he got a center of attraction in the WCC. Plz father If u do a conference like this in our church for our deacons, even sundayschool students, then they will improve.

      If u all wants not improve our church and need only improvement to others then its ok. I expect a letter from some of u that may contains, a lot of excuses, a lot of benefits and a lot of solution, need for unity like that...... plz i dont want to hear any of these, because i know that.

      See in this forum too our moderaters are interested to put the proposals of other church members. If this will happen again... Go ahead as u like...

      As Babu said Better be silent. I know that Babu wrote this due to the true love to church and from his pain.

      I dont want to make other people irritated. so now i am stopping... You all carry on. with ur writings....

      Thanks for all

      Pray for our Holy Patriarch and all under the Holy throne.
      God may show u good path and enlighten ur works

      Abin (Stmarys valiyapally)
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