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RE: Contemplation Leads to Visions of the Divine Light

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  • Ibrahim, Raouf
    Dear Thomas, ���� Thank you for posting this...I am just finishing the book The Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian by Fr. Hilarion Alfayev. His
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 9, 2002
      Dear Thomas,
      Thank you for posting this...I am just finishing the book "The Spiritual World of Isaac the Syrian" by Fr. Hilarion Alfayev. His contemplations on God's love and mercy are truly awesome. I highly recommend this book as an introduction to the world of this great saint.
      Has anyone else read this book? I would be interested in�discussing a couple of topics that stirred my thoughts in reading this work:
      1. The implication of the veneration of St. Isaac who was a member of the Church of the East (Nestorian) on ecumenism (at least among the eastern churches).�There are many newly translated texts of St. Isaac in this book, which clearly show that although he was not big on the christological debate himself, he certainly used language that many of us would deem "nestorian".
      2. His�understanding of God's great love and mercy that would/could ultimately lead to the destruction of "gehenna" in a way only known to God. That just as God in his love did not abandon the�human race after the Fall, but in�His love already had a a�Divine Plan to restore man, likewise God in His ultimate compassion, foreseeing that many�through their own free will would choose in this life the path leading to "gehenna",�has a Plan to in a way unknown�from the Scriptures or the doctrines of the Church, to be "all in all". That evil, as not being part of God's nature�or creation, ultimately must have an end.
      If anyone is interested in discussing these two points, or any other topic related to St. Isaac the Syrian,�please jump in!
      In Christ,Raouf

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