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Re: Don't dress a WOLF in SHEEP'S clothing

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  • Bobby Kuriakose
    Dear Mr. George: I totally disagree with your sarcastic comments in reply to Dn. Joel s posting. I have seen a similar message from you in another Methran
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2006
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      Dear Mr. George:

      I totally disagree with your sarcastic comments in reply to Dn.
      Joel's posting. I have seen a similar message from you in another
      Methran Kakshi forum with clear intentions of mud throwing directly
      at the Rev. Deacon. Well, you have done the same thing here, may be
      going a couple of steps further more towards showing your direct
      hatred. Please forgive the ignorant me. But, I strongly believe
      that being members of the Syrian Orthodox Church, there are certain
      norms that we have to follow. According to our Holy Church, it is
      appropriate only to address our holy fathers, high priests and high
      priests in direct communion with our Church as their Holiness,
      Beatitudes, Eminences, and Graces. We give respect to the leaders
      of other denominations and religious groups regardless who that is,
      Dalailama, Amrithananthamayi, Sai Baba, Sree Narayana Guru, K.P.
      Yohannan, Catholicos of the Indian Orthodox Church, Marthoma
      Metropolitan, C.S.I Moderator..e.t.c. It is a different level of
      respect and it is wrong to venerate them as equal to our Bishops.
      But, when it comes to our beloved spiritual heads we not only
      respect them, but also, venerate, care, and consider them as our
      spiritual fathers and we show our affection towards them by
      addressing them as their Holiness, Beatitudes, Eminences, and
      Graces. This is the reason why we pray for intercession to only our
      Church's saints, and kiss the cross of spiritual fathers only from
      our Church. I suppose Mr. George is from the methran kakshi, and
      may be that is the reason why he got offended by Dn.Joel's posting.
      So, please try to understand the fact that it is very difficult for
      a true Jacobite Syrian Christian to consider Mor Vattasseril as a
      saint, Mor Augen as His Holiness, and Mor Milithos as His Grace
      because the history has drawn a lot of black marks on these
      individuals which could never be erased even if after repeated
      efforts of falsifying the truth and making "HIS stories" to suit to
      the methran kakshi version of stories. As you have done, I would
      also suggest you to take some "Red Bull" and chill instead of using
      your knowledge with bible quoting to twist the facts and make it
      sound like the Rev. Deacon did something very ridiculous. No, he
      hasn't. The word "puppet" absolutely suits to the gang of people
      who proudly say that they are the St. Mary's JACOBITE center and do
      everything in their power to persecute the true faithful of the
      Jacobite Syrian Church, to kick them out from their own Church and
      put them under the rule of the Devalokam Catholicose. So, please
      leave us alone. True faith runs in our blood, no matter what you
      do, no matter how many court cases you file against us, we will
      still do our prayers and defend our churches and cemeteries from the
      hypocrites that dress up as wolves.

      Bobby Kuriakose
      Member ID # 2333
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