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Re: Random Thought on Parumala ST.PETER’s Church

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  • T M Chacko
    ���� Dear George, Bibu, Philip Matthew and all, The original name of Paumala Church was �����St. Peter s Church�����, not �����St. Peter and St.Paul�����s
    Message 1 of 3393 , Jan 29, 2006
      Dear George, Bibu, Philip Matthew and all,

      The original name of Paumala Church was ‘St. Peter's Church’, not ‘St. Peter and St.Paul’s church’. The St. Paul’s name was added only later. To my understanding, it is not recorded anywhere, the reason that prompted Parumala Thirumeni to dedicate the church in the name of Apostle St. Peter.

      As most of us are aware of, the property of the church at Parumala was donated by Arikupurathu Korula Mathen. And he registered it in the name of the head of the Church, the Patriarch of Antioch, who is believed to be on the seat of ‘St. Peter’ the 1st Patriarch of the Syrian Church. So Parumala thirumeni may have thought that it is appropriate to dedicate the church in the name of St. Peter under whose successor’s name the property is registered. This may be the reason for naming the church in the name of Apostle St. Peter.

      (Extracts from the original ‘adharam’ of Parumala Church: – http://www.saintgregorios.org/PARUMALA/the_administrator.htm - look at the 2nd image in the page)

      Transformation from ‘ST. PETER’S CHURCH’ to ‘ST. PETER AND ST. PAUL’S CHURCH’.

      The name of the Apostle St. Paul was added along with St.Peter only in 1912 when the church was consecrated after renovation. This happened about a decade after the passing away of Parumala Thirumeni. From that time onwards (1912) the church came to be known as “St. Peters and St.Paul’s church”. But still the original Marble plaque in front of the tomb of Saint Gregorios shows that the church’s original name is ST.PETER’S CHURCH. It is still very much there, the photo is available in this link: http://www.saintgregorios.org/PARUMALA/tomb_stone_at_parumala.htm (look at the 3rd photo in the page, last line).

      This is a clear evidence to the fact that the church’s original name was St. Peter’s church, not “St. Peters and St.Paul’s church”. (During the church renovation some think-tanks of MOC tried to replace this old plaque with a new one, but they failed in their attempt due to strong opposition from a section)

      Next transformation, from “ST.PETER AND ST. PAUL’s church” to “ST. PAUL and ST. PETER’s church” (around the year 2000 - after the recent reconstruction).

      When the name of Apostle St. Paul was added along with St. Peter in 1912 no one found any peculiarity as it is very common to dedicate the churches in these apostles’ names together. But what happened in 2000 was a very different thing which seems to be very funny. From that year the present Orthodox faction leaders started to announce the name of the church as ST. PAUL’s and ST. PETER’s Church. (kindly note the reversed order of mentioning St. Paul and St. Peter). Still I can’t understand why these fellows made such a change when it is a tradition from time immemorial, irrespective of any denominations, to mention the name of St. Peter firstly, followed by the name of St. Paul.

      We all know that Malankara Orthodox faction is trying their maximum to show that St. Peter has no special prominence among the Apostles. So can we call this recent ‘renaming’ of Parumala church a part of their long term strategy to lessen the importance of St. Peter with respect to other apostles? I think so. Otherwise why did they reversed the Apostle’s names? Tracking the past record of the leaders of this faction, there is every possibility for them to do such blunders.

      I think their leaders are still haunted by some egoistic problems even after a century of their Church’s formation. Or else why did they made this unusual change? I have asked this question to many of the ‘think-tanks’ of Malankara Orthodox faction, but none of them ever replied, only a few dared to admit their wrongdoings. It is this egoism that is making the Church divided.

      T M Chacko,
      Manarcad, Kottayam.
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