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Re: The Elections - Another "Babel": An IOC style.

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  • CJ Varughese
    Dear All, In the OT, it is beautifully written about the construction of Babel and the people who wanted to build it. God who dwell in the HIGH didn t allow
    Message 1 of 3394 , Dec 31, 2005
      Dear All,

      In the OT, it is beautifully written about the construction of Babel and the people who wanted to build it. God who dwell in the HIGH didn't allow them to complete their task. The mighty and brilliant behind it all have to abandon their wish of Babel in a fine morning. Like-wise, a band of misguided people in Malankara are trying to make another "Babel". They haven't learned any lessons from scriptures. They are putting their effort for more than a century for making their version of the Babel, the IOC.

      In one of the IOC forum almost every contributor in that were ovewhelmingly claiming with pride that their Bishops designates are elected ones by the mass, and it gives them more validity in their governance in future. Whereas they all pooh-poohed the Jacobites that the Bishops are selected by a few or by an individual, and hence it is not a proper way for the office of a Bishopric. Their claim of the democratic set-up they have got is non-comparable with any other church. They proclaim with pride about it. Very conveniently they forget the past, the birth of IOC and the prestigious Catholicate they all wish or want to prove as if infallible, and it was forever since AD 52. A tall but disputed claim. The claim of economical stability of their Church is the top-most criteria for seeking independence from the mother church. Some of the poisonous statements from few learned Bishops and Laymen really make others laugh. Some of their publications edited by priests and contributions from Bishops are really venemous, and act against the peace in Malankara Church. It is a matter to laugh on one such article authored by a Bishop, "that is, they (IOC) should appoint number of Patriarchs under their Catholicate". Another bishop analysed even the teaching of our Lord, and assuming things which was never heard. HG also rely very heavily on novels written by western writers to prove their claim of Catholicate and its authenticity. The poor laymen in IOC is being hijacked with sweetened words by their Episcopacy. The priests, the lowest in the Episcopacy are minting money like anything. It is considered as a profession, rather than a call from the Holy Spirit. They elect a Bishop designate, but loose control over him later. The Holy Synod of IOC is all powerful as they act, but another entity The Managing Committee of IOC is a tiger without tooth and nail, it can only roar. Here I remembe the story of the new king appeared in the forest in a fine morning with a different colour, and I think there is no need to put here again. The truth behind the new King, and fate it met is all well-known. Slowly the masses will realize all these. Here the question I have to them all is: Was St. Gregorios of Parumala have been an elected one or selected one? Was Vattsseril Mar Dionasios an elected one? Was there a Malankara Associaton before 1875 AD? Who chaired the first association meeting, was he an Indian? How the Malankara Church have been governed before the birth of its current and unrevokable (as they claim) Constitution of 1934? If the word "Syrian" and "Patriarch" is allergetic to IOC now, who put His Holiness as the Head of of Church in the first para of their Contribution. What punishment one has to be given if he/she dishonour/disobey the Head of the Church according to their Constitution? "Kalikale Vipareetha Buddhi" that's all we can comment on the actions performed by the IO Church, which lost its Catholicity and Oneness by severing its obedience and connection with the Universal Syrian Church.

      The history of Jacobites produced number of Saints, all of them have been selected by people with the authority given to them by the Holy Spirit. Still Jacobite are lucky to have this miracle from the Holy Spirit in selection of Bishops, and hence do not need any election. We have full faith in our Church Fathers, who are guided by the Holy Spirit. The temporal (financial) matters in our Church are fully controlled by the elected wing of laymen. As and when we require finance, our people will wholeheartely contribute for the cause. We, the Jacobites do not have a wish to make a "Babel" again in this 3rd millennium. The lessons we learned from the history and the guidance of the Holy Spirit are the assets we own. No force in the earth can extinguish the fire of the Syrianness from Malankara. The Syrian connection is like that fire and cloud to the Isralites, during night and day in their journey to the Canan.

      Let us all make a resolution not to take part in the making of another Babel.

      With best wishes and Greetings,
      CJ Varughese
      Member ID # 1012.
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        Dear honorable members

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