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Matrimonial Digest / 0088-05

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  • SOCM Matrimonial
    Matrimonial Digest / 0088-05 Dear members We do not take or assume any responsibility for the particulars given by the advertiser. Concerned parties are
    Message 1 of 40 , Dec 19, 2005
      Matrimonial Digest / 0088-05

      Dear members

      We do not take or assume any responsibility for the particulars
      given by the advertiser. Concerned parties are encouraged to verify
      the particulars. As per the request of some advertisers we withheld
      the contact details and will forward any reply to the advertiser for
      further personal contact.

      Please read the successful stories of the matrimonial advertisement
      in the SOCM forum at


      Matrimonial; Code # 035/04
      Suitable alliance invited for a God-fearing orthodox girl
      26years, Height : 153, Complexsion : Fair, M B A in HR & Marketing
      (dual specialization) Languages Known: Malayalam, Hindi& English.
      Working in a stock & share broking company.
      Parish : St. Mary's Orthodox Church ( Kottayam Cheriyapally )
      Father : Mr Bose Punnathra, Business man
      Mother : Ms.Susan Bose,Rtd. Deputy DEMO.
      Siblings : Two

      The proposed girl is the one among twins the elder one married and
      working as a teacher in a CBSE school Kottayam and younger sister is
      persuing engineering in Calicut government college.

      our prefferance for goom - should well qualified and employed, have
      good moral values.

      If interested please respond with your son's details with recent
      photo to bosepunnathra@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 035/04
      Suitable proposals invited from parents of boys between
      26 & 30 for a fair, thin, humble and God fearing girl,
      M.P.E., MPhill., (Rank holder)

      She is 172 Cms., DOB March 1981 & She is working in a
      Kuwait Private School. Proposed girl is very soft spoken,
      modest and is a Sunday School Teacher. Father a Jacobite
      Priest, Mother a Housewife, Only younger sister studying
      for B.Sc., Nursing.

      Prefer boys to be qualified, well behaved and with clean habits,
      from middle class Jacobite families, working in India or abroad.
      Preference is for boys working in Kuwait

      Please send proposals with maximum details in first e-mail to
      Matrimonial; Code # 034/04
      Jacobite parents, middle class family, invite proposals for their
      daughter, B. Pharm, MBA, 26/158, medium complexion, God fearing,
      employed in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Chennai,
      from parents of professionally qualified or postgraduates well
      employed Jacobite/Orthodox boys.

      Interested may contact on Email: johnmercy@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 033/04
      My son is 29, 5' 4" and thin. He is in working with Kuwait Airways
      since two years and he is a very lovable, humorous & quick-witted
      person. We are looking for a God fearing middle class
      Orthodox/Jacobite girl, preferably a graduate Nurse working with
      Kuwait Ministry of Health, from Ernakulam or nearby districts.

      He is younger of my two sons. Elder son married &settled with own
      business. I am from an upper middle class farmer family, now with
      own finance biz. His mother a retired Kerala Govt.Servant. Please
      send proposals to varkod@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 032/04

      Suitable alliance invited for a God fearing orthodox girl MBA
      (HR&Marketing)25/153/fair. Now working in a leading stock and share
      company.The girl belongs from an ancient orthodox family at Kottayam.

      Her father is a business man and mother Rtd Deputy DEMO and two
      sisters.Elder sister got married and younger is perusing engineering.

      The boy should be god fearing,loving,caring,good mannered and
      professionally qualified(Engineering/MBA/any)working in India/abroad.
      If interested please contact the girl's father by

      Matrimonial; Code # 031/04

      Proposals are invited for a well educated girl who is 27 years
      old ,born & brought up in usa. Girl has masters degree .& 5'2"
      tall.We are looking for compatible, well educated xian boys who is
      kerala origin . Prefer US based boys who is born & brought up in
      western culture. or atleast who has been ouside kerala for higher
      studies or work for sometime. . If you are interested please send
      your details about education & family as an email to
      sepdtma@... Do not send it as an attachment.
      Matrimonial; Code # 030/04
      Suitable alliance invited for a God-fearing Jacobite boy from Chelad
      Kothamangalam], working with a leading Fashion brand, managing
      Retail Operations in Mumbai. Age:28y Complexion:Wheatish
      Height:180cms or 5ft 11inches Weight:73kgs Family:Moderate. His
      father is working as a Dy.Manager with a MNC in Cochin. Mother, a
      house-wife. Younger brother pursuing his graduation from Mar
      Athanasius College, Kothamangalam.

      Interested parents may contact paul.live@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 029/04

      Proposals invited for a well settled Jacobite boy belonging to an
      ancient family. The proposed boy is a Mechanical Engineer working in
      a leading Multinational trading company. The boy is 27years,175cms,
      fair,God- fearing and with clean habits.

      We are looking for a fair, good looking, homely God-fearing girl
      from a good Jacobite family.

      If interested please contact : email : tioman_78@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 027/04
      Jacobite parents invite remarriage proposals for their
      daughter/white&fair/28/152cm/M.com, DCA. Recordical proof only
      existed for the first marriage and the court declared the same as
      null and void. Please contact by e-mail with details at at

      Matrimonial; Code # 026/04
      Suitable alliance invited for a God fearing Jacobite Girl, Working
      in UK, as staff nurse she is in25, 5.4?, 59 KG, will be coming by
      middle of April. Her father is a retired teacher; an active member
      of church, Mother is housewife and one brother, working in Delhi.
      The boy should be God fearing, fair, caring, having good manners and
      preferably from the medical background (BPT or any other).

      Interested parents may please contact at basilpaul@...;
      basilpaulk@... , 9818730557 04842678110 (K.K Paulose)

      Matrimonial; Code # 024/04
      Suitable alliance invited for a God fearing Jacobite boy, B.Sc
      Computer Science, 29,5'8",63 kg, fair,working in Riyadh, Saudi
      Arabia. The boy hails from a well-known family at Kundara, Kollam.
      His father is a retired Supt. in Court, mother Rtd. State
      Coordinator in Rural Dept. One elder brother doing Business and one
      elder sister got married. Interested parents may contact
      joby007in@... or Thomas Abraham, +966 1 4885339 or

      Matrimonial; Code # 023/04
      Suitable alliance invited for a jacobite Girl, 22 years, 164cm,slim,
      M.com final. Parents in Saudi Arabia. Family belongs to Angamally
      Diocese. Interested parents may contact vvmvvm2003@...

      Matrimonial; Code # 021/04

      Looking for a good boy computer professional/engineer from a middle
      class family from kerala preferably cochin orthodox/jacobite aged
      over 28 for our second daughter aged 27 MCA slim good looking.
      interested persons may wish to contact at george_kunju@...
      giving the details with code # MP-021/04.

      Matrimonial; Code # 020/04

      JacobiteChristian parents settled in Canada invite proposals for
      their daughter, 28 years old, fair, slim 5;5''tall with very high
      moral value. she is working after finishing masters in chemical
      engineering. Proposals are invited from parents of well educated
      boys from any christian denomination in North America. Please e-mail
      thomekurian@... giving the details with code # MP-020/04.

      Matrimonial; Code # 019/04

      Jacobite parents seeking alliance for their beautiful daughter
      31yrs, height 5.6'' postgraduate teacher in a public school. Born
      and brought up outside kerala. Parents settled in Angamally. The boy
      should be God fearing educated & employed. Preferance will be given
      to boys working outside Kerala. Please contact on
      mcsm53@... giving the details.

      Please contact on mcsm53@... giving the details with code # MP-

      Matrimonial; Code # 017/04

      Suitable alliance is invited for a jacobite deacon,age 31, 5ft 5inch
      B.A.,B.Ed.,B.D., M.Th., at present doing research work in university
      of Toronto, canada)teaching in the seminary. family background:
      father, senior corepiscopa in the church.mother house wife. one
      elder sister, lecturer, got married and one younger brother
      advocate. for more information, mail to me
      kjpunnachalil@... or moderator_socm@... with code
      # MP-017/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 016/04

      Suitable alliance invited for a God fearing Jacobite boy, B.E.
      (Electrical & Electronics), 26, presently employed in Bangalore as
      Electrical Engineer in a Consultancy firm. The boy hails from a well-
      Known family at Kumarakom, Kottayam.

      His father is a retired KSEB Sub Engineer, mother is Govt. UP school
      headmistress and got one younger sister, who is married. The girl
      should be God fearing, caring, having good manners and preferably
      with B.Sc Nursing, employed (In India or abroad). Interested parties
      may please contact the boy's uncle at monthiruvanchoor@...
      or moderator_socm@... with code # MP-016/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 014/04

      Retired PWD Contractor's family (Jacobite, Middle Class, Ernakulam
      District)invites suitable proposal from middle class Jacobite
      parents of God fearing girls under 28, 5'1', 48 Kg, employed or
      qualified to be employed (prefer teachers or lecturers) in or around
      Ernakulam Dist. She has to look after home affairs as the brother
      and sister of the boy to be working overseas.

      Their son (32, 5'3" 55 Kg) is a Vet. surgeon in Kerala Government
      Service, posted within few kilometers from home, fair, clean habits,
      soft spoken, thin built and God fearing.

      His has an elder brother and younger sister, both married.

      Genuine enquiries may be posted to varkod@... or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-014/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 013/04

      Jacobite parents from Ernakulam Dt.invites proposals to her
      daughter, who is presently working at Bangalore. Educated and
      employed Jacobite youths working at Bangalore are preferred. The
      proposals to be made from middle class family. The boy should be God
      fearing. The girl is 25 yrs of old, 5.3". She had Completed
      B.Sc.maths and have GNIIT, (3 yr computer diploma)course
      Certificate) please respond to eldhoshimmy@...> or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-013/04

      Matrimonial; code # 012/04

      Proposals invited from parents of god fearing BSc nurses for a
      handsome Jacobite boy, hailing from Kolencherry, 29/168 Graduate,
      only son, working as Marketing Executive for a reputed Co. in
      Kuwait, active in church matters and having family visa status. He
      has two sisters and both of them are well settled. The girl will
      have good job prospects in Kuwait.

      Interested please respond to: yeljoseph@... or
      moderator_socm@... with code # MP-012/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 011/04

      Suitable alliance invited from Jacobite parents for a Jacobite girl
      24 years/161 cm),fair,smart and God-fearing,B-tech with MBA,working
      in a leading firm in Techno-Park,Trivandrum.

      Please respond to thomasvt@... or moderator_socm@...
      with code # MP-011/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 006/04
      Jacobite Parents from Kottayam Diocese invites proposals for their
      second son PDC/30/168 working in MRF kottayam. Father doing business
      in Kottayam. Mother Gazzetted officer in govt.One elder brother
      married(Working) and younger sister studying. Graduates in any
      discipline or diploma holders in Nursing (GNM)prefered.

      Please respond to moderator_socm@... with code # MP-006/04

      Matrimonial; Code # 003/04

      Jacobite parents from Kottayam invite proposals for their daughter,
      divorcee with one girl child,)39 yrs.5'3", Home Science Graduate,
      mediumcomplexion, very Home loving and God fearing, from JACOBITE
      Widowers/ Divorcees of 40 to 45 age group, well settled in life in
      India or abroad, with clean habits, positive attitude towards life
      and home loving.

      Please respond to moderator_socm@... with code # MP-003/04
    • Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
      Devotional thoughts for the Sunday of the circumcision of our Lord ����� Feast of St. Basil and St. Gregory, the Great, New Year -2006 Reading: From the Gospel
      Message 40 of 40 , Dec 31, 2005
        Devotional thoughts for the Sunday of the circumcision of our Lord � Feast
        of St. Basil and St. Gregory, the Great, New Year -2006

        Reading: From the Gospel according to St. John 15: 5-19

        Dear and Respected Brethren,
        Today is the remembrance day of two great Orthodox Church Fathers, St. Basil
        the great and St. Gregory the great. More over it is the New Year day. All
        must be in the thrill of the blessed Christmas celebrations and must be
        waiting forward to welcome the New Year. The holy reading arranged for today
        by the Holy Fathers is so significant and relevant. Our Lord and Redeemer is
        explaining in very simple words, how a faithful could and must maintain his
        or her relationship with Lord God. When we realize the inner meaning of the
        given text, we will wonder how solemn is the tradition and faith of our
        Church. Our relation with our Lord is not for a day or a few days, whereas
        it is till eternity. Our Lord who introduces himself as the vine says that
        we are the branches. Our Lord�s promise is that we could have more fruits,
        if we would stay in Him. We all know very well that the branches which are
        cut from the main stem lose the life immediately. It is true that we must
        have a connection with the main stem to retain our lives. The life could be
        provided by the main stem of the grape vine. We might wonder why our Lord
        identified himself as the real vine. We all know that the wine is taken from
        the grapes, the fruit produced on the branches of the vine. Our Lord took
        the wine and converted it as the life giving blood of our Lord. He said
        �this is my blood�. The blood of our Lord sanctifies the faithful and
        retains the life eternal. Here our Lord is telling that the branches, which
        produces the grapes, have been kept alive while abiding in our Lord. We the
        faithful have to maintain real faith, true repentance, and loving obedience
        to keep up our link with our Lord. If we keep these things in our personal
        lives, we could have a solid life with our Lord God, who is the real vine.
        King Solomon the wise advises, �The
        fruit of the righteous is a tree of life�.(Proverbs 11: 30) So let us try to
        obey the commandments of our Lord God and be righteous. In Hosea 14:8 we
        read, I am like a green fig tree: From me is thy fruit found�. We read about
        the tree which do not produce fruits in St. Luke 13: 6-9. Grace of God
        enables the trees to bear fruits. The fruits of the Spirit are also
        depending the Grace and will of God. It is because of our Lord�s own words
        that we cannot do anything with him. Kindly see St. Matthew 5: 16 and
        Philippians 1: 11.

        In the 9th verse it is said that how much our Lord God loves us. How much
        love was granted to the son by God the Father, the same amount of love is
        granted to us by God the Son. Our Lord said �if you will obey my
        commandments I will abide with you.� Our Lord has limited his commandments
        to two. He wants us to love God and love our own brethren. It is His command
        to love each other. St. Paul also stresses the need to love one another in I
        Thessalonians 4:9. St. Peter also insists us to have mutual love. (I Peter
        4:8) See the 16th verse of today�s reading. We all are entrusted to bear
        fruits and to keep them for ever. Is it a hard job to love one another?
        Kindly think. Our Lord wants us to love whom we don�t know and who doesn�t
        love us. If our pride and stubbornness are not allowing us to love our
        brethren, are we not breaking our link with our Lord God? Let us put an end
        to our selfish thoughts and desires. Let us take a decision to obey our
        Lord�s commands to love God and love our brethren. Let us take a decision on
        this New Year day. May God strengthen us to do His will, rather than our own
        wishes and desires. Let us try not to forget that we are not for this world.
        Our citizenship is in the Kingdom of God. Let the Holy Spirit guide us and
        lead us through the virtuous paths which are pleasing to our Lord God. May
        the intercessions of the Great Church Fathers, St. Basil the great and St.
        Gregory the great be a fort of protection for us. Let us try to imitate the
        life style of these two Patron Saints. May God bless us.


        With prayers and regards,

        Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
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