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Re: [SOCM-FORUM] P C Alexander's nomination for Presidency

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    Although I had decided long ago not to respond in this column Holy Spirit compels me to say that this is very uncharitable. I am not on the question whether
    Message 1 of 7 , May 29, 2002
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      Although I had decided long ago not to respond in this column Holy Spirit
      compels me to say that this is very uncharitable. I am not on the question
      whether PCA would make the best President, but to speak against his
      nomination JUST BECAUSE he belongs to the other group is very unfortunate. I
      felt ashamed of my friend Kallaappara, but then I consoled myself by
      recalling that after all he is a village priest, SSLC & TTC, and his horizon
      is bound to be as limited as his knowledge of the way the office of the
      President functions in India!!! This is sheer pettiness, forgetting how PCA
      arranged the meetings for Patriarch Iwaz in 1982 when he wanted to meet
      Sanjeeva Reddy and Indira Gandhi; well, I suppose many people would not know
      that my brother and I went to PCA and got the interviews. We are being
      ungrateful. Let me add that I am not taking any view on the candidature of
      PCA, but the church should be neutral. The Devalokam group used to send
      petition after petition against me, to no avail of course since God took
      care of me, but I have done more for the Patriarchal side than PCA ever did
      for the other side. True , he is a staunch "metran Kakshi", but that is his
      family background. Who in this church chose the side, ours or theirs, after
      studying everything,except Augen Bawa, VCSamuel Achan and KPPaulose
      Achan(uncle of Mar Barnabas of the US diocese of the Devalokam group)? And
      strangely they all moved over to the other side!!! We are here because we
      were born here. Let us be charitable. Kaniamparampil Achan who is often
      quoted here is perhaps the only person who chose our side AFTER having been
      with Roman Catholics and Metran Kakshi for many years. But he is very
      generous in these things. Let us be Christians at heart. PCA may not get
      nominated at all, even BJP is divided on that issue, but for Kallappara to
      issue this statement and for some educated son of Jehovah to applaud would
      make any sensible man sad. I can assure you that IF PCA BECOMES PRESIDENT
      PRESIDENT. Are we Christians or factionalists? Christ could forgive the
      Jews, we cannot " forgive" the other group!!! I have the moral right to say
      this because the other side tried to ruin my career but I have forgiven
      them; later even our side did some tricks against me to prevent my becoming
      CS and I forgave them also,so I do not owe either group anything except the
      Christian ability to forgive and forget. Leave the Rashtrapati election out
      of our church dispute!!!
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      > Dear All:
      > Hindu reported that Syrian Orthodox christians has
      > opposed and sent its disagreement to central Gov on
      > appointing an Indian orthodox person (P C Alexander)as
      > Indian President, as we want highest office
      > unbiased.This is a good news, We have to send strong
      > signals of disagreement to central Gov and Sonia
      > Gandhi and CPM.
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