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  • Thomas Daniel
    JERUSALEM S CHRISTIAN LEADERS JOIN IN PEACE PRAYER The Patriarchs and leaders of churches in the Holy Land are inviting Christians in the Holy City and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2001

      The Patriarchs and leaders of churches in the Holy Land are inviting
      Christians in the Holy City and the world over to join in a period of
      prayer for peace. From August 15 to 28, every day at 6 in the evening
      there will be a special prayer service in one of the many different
      churches in Jerusalem.Armenians, Catholic and Orthodox Syrians,
      Ethiopian Orthodox, Copts, Lutherans, Anglicans, Greek Catholics and
      Latin Catholics will take turns hosting the believers in their
      respective churches.

      (Although the Greek-Orthodox Church has said it will join the
      initiative, it will not make its church available because it has been
      without a Patriarch since last December.)

      Announcing the prayer-for-peace initiative, the Christian leaders say:
      "We are greatly concerned at the deterioration of the situation in the
      Occupied Territories of the Holy Land: many families have been made
      homeless; the closures [of the Territories by the Israeli government]
      have turned towns and cities into detention camps; the number of
      unemployed has risen dramatically resulting in tens of thousands of
      hungry for their daily bread.; whilst our children are confronted
      daily with a picture of bloodshed, violence, assassination and
      murder. Hatred and desire for revenge is rampant on both sides--
      Israeli and Palestinian." Calling on all Christians in the Holy Land
      to join in intensifying prayers for peace, justice, and
      reconciliation, the heads of the churches also invite Christians
      everywhere to join, urging, "brothers and sisters around the world"
      to "link their prayers with ours at this special time".One observer
      in Jerusalem recalls for Fides that "since the new Intifada began 550
      Palestinians and 150 Israelis have died. We seem to have lost sight
      not only of prospects for peace but even of the horizon itself. Prayer
      will help us to hope that all this evil will come to an end". The new
      Intifada (which broke out at the end of September in 2000), Israel's
      retaliation, and Palestinian guerilla warfare have plunged the people
      of the Holy Land into a situation of misery and insecurity. Tourism
      and pilgrimages have come to a halt; many hotels have closed. Farming
      is also in crisis, because in some cases crops have been destroyed
      and in other cases they have not been sown or tended because of the
      farmers' fears about their security and their future. An Israeli
      tells Fides: "People have stopped tending their crops, they are
      afraid to leave the house. Insecurity reigns everywhere, in the
      markets, on the streets, within the home walls."

      [source: FIDES/CWNews]
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