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  • Very Rev. Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayil
    MYTH FIELD OF JOURNALISTRICKS Introduction I had been reading and noting a serial of postings from one young friend, Georgy from Bangalore in the IO Forum. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2005


      I had been reading and noting a serial of postings from one young friend, Georgy from Bangalore in the IO Forum. I have seen many of the over enthusiastic IO supporters praising him and his views as the panacea to counter all SO pleas against the claims of Catholicose faction. I wrote to one of my critics in a different MO Forum that I will be responding to Mr.Georgy when he finishes his series.

      I find that he finished his presentation a week ago and I was busy otherwise and I could not start my response then and there.

      I am sending these responses to IO, MO and SO Fora, even though I don't know whether it will be published by them all, especially the IO forum. I had some experiences of editing or rejecting some of my postings. I don't have any complaints on these because as ours theirs is also a moderated forum.Nevertheless I mentioned this to notify that the authenticity of my articles will be in the version available in the SO forum. I don't have any bad experience with MOSC group till now on my postings there. I hope they will keep their tradition to these series too. The IO moderator's have cut suited one of my postings which I wrote by their solicitation.

      I must first and foremost congratulate Georgy for his journalistic talents and the beauty of his language. I also put on record his enthusiasm and willingly taken time and effort to articulate in a convincing way to like minded readers. The respectful and modest way of referring to opponent leaders are again to be praised. He is surely not prompted by emotion but by the maturity of affection and regard to the partisan spirit that was inherited in him and to the notions articulated in him by his factional environs. But his methodology of analysis is of a praise worthy standard and is really attractive.

      I express my congratulations.

      Please bear my uncouth expressions, unscientific presentation and unskilled language.

      I write this not to convince my friend Georgy or any other factional IO promoters. But I am trying to prepare a soliloquy to defend my own convictions in the light of reading the myth field of self justifications the IOs had to built in the last one century to protect the schismatic groupism created in the Malankara Church.

      My general observation on Georgy's presentation is that he has made nothing new other than presenting the same old wine in the new caskets. His skills in journalism (if I am correct about his career!) and command of stylish English is simply employed here in the analysis of Church issues.

      I have selected this title 'Myth field of Journalistricks' partly from Georgy's caption and partly my own coining of words. I don't know whether someone has combined these words and used before to express the idea of 'journalism and tricks' combined. If this is not an authentic usage please accept my explanations on it.

      My apologies to all those who wish to respond then and there. You have the freedom to air your views at any time. But I will not be replying to anyone until I finish my whole responses to Georgy's.

      Next: Mythfield of Journalistricks, Part 1, 'Nationalism and OO Churches'

      Lovingly, Moolelachen.
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